Weapon Proficiencies
Effects of using a weapon where one is not proficient:
1. Changing within the same class 4 weeks @ -4 to hit
2. Changing to a related class 8 weeks @ -4 to hit
3. Changing to an unrelated class 12 weeks @ -4 to hit

Minus is reduced by 1 per quarter of the period to learn the weapon (e.g., week 12 @-4, week 9 @ -3, week 6 @ -2, week 3 @ -1).

Related classes are indicated by a ===

  • Fighters start with 6 weapon proficiencies
  • All other fighter types start with 5 (except monks)
  • Clerics, thieves and bards (except mage bards) start with 3 proficiencies
  • Mages, mage bards and monks start with 2 proficiencies.
Single, Edged ======= Single, Weighted
Scimitar, Bastard Sword, Long Sword, Short Sword Battle Axe, Hammer, Lucerne, Mace (all), Morning Star, Picks

Double, Edged ======= Double, Weighted
Great Sword, Bastard Sword Great Mace, Great Axe

Pole, Impaling (2R) ======= Pole, Weighted (2R)
Military Fork, Pike, Trident, Great Spear Glaive, Halberd, Partisan, Voulge

Hand Thrown ======= Aided Hand Thrown
Throwing Dagger, Dart, Throwing Axe Atlatl, Sling

Momentum Archery
Flail, Whip Bows

Crossbow/Dart Thrower Cestus

Garrote Lance

Hand Impaling
Dagger, short spear, sword cane
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