CHAOS Goddess of Battle


As the chaotic counterpart of Clovis, Ver'l marshaled the forces of CHAOS during the Bellum Deorum. Ver'l promotes battle, combat, and conflict as the embodiment of CHAOS, because only in battle is there true freedom of behavior, action, and thought. Combat is the sacrament of cult in that it tests the will and fitness of Her adherents. Defeat in combat is considered to be a result of a weakness in the will of an adherent. Thus, worshippers have a natural reluctance to flee combat or abandon a wounded comrade. In fact, worshippers have been known to go to great (and dangerous) lengths to retrieve the body of a dead comrade.

Ver'lites are NOT reflexively antagonistic to adherents of LAW. They have and do work with LAWful worshippers on amicable (if slightly tense) terms. They frequently challenge LAWful worshippers to combat (especially worshippers of the more bellicose religions e.g. Clovis, Aerea, Tehne) but, usually, this combat is either to the drawing of first blood or with practice weapons. Whether a worshipper is successful or defeated in a combat is of great import to Ver'lites, not the killing of one's foe. It is as noble to force an opponent to yield as to slay him.

The cult colors are silver (representing the newly forged sword) and dark blue. Ver'l's metals are steel and silver, and the cult stone is hematite. Ver'lites prefer edged or impaling weapons to blunt or crushing ones. The cult symbol is an image of the Sword of Ver'l nested in the Whirlwind of CHAOS. Cult weapons are swords, particularly bastard swords.


Lay worshippers are discouraged from using missile weapons in combat, because such devices distance worshippers from the physical and mental experience of battle. Initiates will NEVER use missile weapons in combat.

The cult will never allow someone who has used missile weapons in combat to become an initiate. Initiate status is gained by demonstration of the ability to focus the CHAOS of battle. Initiates will NEVER use blunt edged weapons.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in combat-associated skills (Grapple, Punch, Head Butt, First Aid, Ride, Swim) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success and 75% of cost and +1 to success for Strength, Dexterity, or Fitness training. Lay members save versus control spells (Hold, Calm, Spirit Birds, Flesh to Stone, Binding, etc.) at +1 and initiates at +2.

Initiates will receive, free of charge, either Strength, Dexterity, or Fitness training to increase the attribute by 1and will be taught BladeSharp (if they have the ability). Training in attributes is at 50% of price and time with 2 greater chance for success with Strength, Dexterity, or Fitness (training must be provided by Ver’l temple) Further, an initiate has a percentile chance equal to his level multiplied by ten to double the effects of a received Bless, Chant, or Prayer. If the Bless, Chant, or Prayer was cast by an initiate cleric of Ver'l, the miracle would be tripled. Also, any initiate can ask the temple to teach her one Fighter Specific Attack Mode.

Clerical initiates of Ver'l receive a +1 on the damage caused by a Righteous Sword, and receive FireBlade as a 2nd level miracle. They also get Ver’l cult spells (see below)

Initiate worshippers can go into a CHAOS Frenzy. This frenzy is a manifestation the chaotic side of battle. A person in a Frenzy feels a great exhilaration at the ability to unite with and express CHAOS. The effect is to add +1 to hit and damage on all attacks and +1 to initiative every other level after initiateship was received. The chance of initiating this Frenzy is 18% a level. After a Frenzy, a Ver’l worshipper risks exhaustion. The worshipper must save versus Resistance on 4d6 or lose 50% of his evasion points. Initiates also receive a +3 to saving throws against fear.

Ver’l specific miracles:

Single Combat

Level: 1
Time: Fast
Duration: 3 rounds +1 round/level
Range: 60’
Target: One Target
Effect: Single Combat acts similarly to the Sanctuary Miracle. If target engages in combat with a single opponent, any person attempting to enter the melee has to save vs. Magic in order to interfere.

Second Wind

Level: 1
Time: Medium
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch
Target: One target
Effect: Recipient receives 2D4+1x10% recovery in evasion points. This spell has no effect upon lost hit points.

Accelerated Heal

Level: 1
Time: Medium
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch
Target: One Target
Effect: Accelerates the rate at which wounds heal. Recipient will recover 1 HP/Hour until completely recovered. This spell will leave all scarring.

Protection from Normal Missiles

Level: 2
Time: Medium
Duration 5 Rounds +1 round/level above 3rd
Range: Touch
Target: Cleric only
Effect: Acts like the 3rd level mage spell but may only be cast on the cleric.


Level: 3
Time: Medium
Duration: 1 Round/level
Range: Touch
Target: One Target
Effect: This spell increases the number of attacks per round to two.

Duel of Honor

Level: 3
Time: Slow
Duration: 10 Rounds
Range: 40’ x 40’
Target: All within area of effect
Effect: This spell is like an area of effect version of the first level spell Single Combat. Anyone in the area of effect who wishes to engage an opponent on a greater than one-on-one basis must save vs. magic at -3 to interfere.


Level: 3
Time: Medium
Duration: 3 Rounds +1 Round/level
Range: Touch
Target: One Recipient
Effect: Berserker forces recipient to attack full attack. For the duration of the spell, HP and EP are increased by 50%. Hit point and evasion point damage is taken from the target’s normal rather than the magical bonus. If the target’s normal hit points are less than zero at the end of the spell’s duration, target will die.

Ver'l Holy Days:

October 28th CHAOS Day
May 21st to August 1st Whirlwind and Sword
December 31st
Th'Ar 28th
Banding the Whirlwind (End of Bellum Deorum)
February 21st, March 28th, June 22nd, September 4th Tastings (times of judgment for initiate status)
January 1st Gods Day

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