A rough timeline of major events in the CrescentLands. PBD is Post-Bellum Deorum (after the Gods War)

Year 0 - Gods War
Year 500 PBD - Elven/Dwarven third war starts
Year 1485 PBD - Elven/Dwarven third war armistice
Year 1490 PBD - Elven-Dwarven war against the goblin races
Year 1530 PBD - Elven-Dwarven war against the goblin races ends
Year 2350 PBD - Humans begin migration down from Boreala
Year 2410 PBD - Wyrmes complete expansion over modern Aereolus and Ar'Ethmet.
Year 2881 PBD - Humans migrate down to the Southern Coast after coming into conflict with Dwarves/Elves/Orc/High Trolls
Years 3395 - 3423 PBD - Human-Wyrme War
Year 3423 PBD - Refounding of Aereolus
Year 4201 PBD - Founding of SpireWall (Es'Arsh)
Year 5328 PBD - Macab separates from Aereolus after brief war
Year 5659 PBD - Serranthro-M'lethet Empire was created from the marriage of the respective noble house.
Now ~5700 - 5770 PBD

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