Deity of NEUTRALity through sloth.


Sloth is the essence of disinterest and objectivity and, thus, NEUTRALity. During the Gods' War, Thon did not participate.

Thon is portrayed as a corpulent, reclining figure of either sex (no one has ever gone to the trouble of ascertaining Thon's sex). Cult colors are those most easily attained (usually brown). Cult weapons are crossbows and slings.

Because of the temple's attitude towards doing work, the cult is run in an ultra efficient manner, for what better method of saving effort then efficiency. The cult's philosophy is "Laziness is the Mother of Invention."


Lay membership is open to anyone who tithes and is suitably lazy.

Initiate membership is open to any one for a small donation and the invention of a labor saving device. If this item is marketable, the church will sell the item (they have an extremely efficient marketing organizing), keeping 40% of the profits.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in laziness skills or organizational skills (Ride, Bargain, Spot Hidden, Lore, Speak, Read) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success.

Initiates are 5% Swim, +25% Bargain, +30% Ride, and 1 on Fitness. Using a crossbow (Thon's gift to mankind), initiates get +2 to hit +1 to initiative.

Clerics get the 2nd level cult miracle, Relax (cures 50 100% [1d6+4] of all lost evasion points) and, as 2nd level miracle, the mage spells Accuracy, Tenser's Floating Disc, and Multimissile. Cult spells–Teleportation, Multimissile, Fly, Levitate, Accuracy and Water Walking–are taught at half price. Any initiate will be taught one cult spell for free.

Priests and initiates may use any form of weapon, though preferably those that keep conflict at a distance and wreak high damage with little strain.


The cult of Thon is one of the wealthiest religions in the Crescent Lands. The main temple is located in Benges.

Thon Holy Days:

January 1st New Year Day
Th'Ar 1st All Fools' Day (When Thon was discovered by O'oolar, the incorrigibly lazy, after a vision appeared in his ale mug)
The weekends

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