The city of Tekel rests at the mouth of the Tern River and sits above a wide, deep harbor well sheltered from winter storms. It is surrounded by a well built curtain wall of mortised granite which rises to a height of thirty. Beyond the city is a crescent of low hills topped by a series of fortifications connected by a line of battlements.

Tekel is ruled from the Reaching Palace by S'Aar Serranthro, great great grandson of Halbros Serranthro. Next to the Palace, and the central edifice in the city, is Tho'emeta Syn'Gog (House of Thoem) from which the arch prelate Condar M'as wields power over the souls of his flock. This white marble edifice has a severe facade which dominates the surrounding plaza and nearby buildings. The great hall of worship is large enough to hold a significant portion of the city's population—which it must, since, by custom as stringent as law, a Thoemite must worship before his god daily.

The great docks set along the TernRiver Bay have facilities for up to ten vessels in dry dock, and a further twenty under repair. Further, up to another fifty vessels can be docked here at any time and set back from the piers are blocks of warehouses, counting houses, nautical supply stores, provisioners etc. This great stage of mercantile splendor has fallen into disrepair due to all those factors which have crushed the Empire. Many of the docks are not only in disrepair but actually collapsing into the bay. The dry docks are unused and rotting and only a few ships ride anchor in the harbor.

Armored troops of Thoem patrol the streets side by side with the grey clad city guard. While the latter keeps peace and ensures the abeyance of law, the former punish unorthodoxy. The Cheo Tho'emeta (Reach of Thoem) are authorized to publicly punish (by whip or brand) women who are not properly veiled or clothed and lock in stocks any who speak unorthodoxy.

The population of Tekel has seen only a slight decrease in the past years, with its present level being near 50,000. Of this number almost forty percent are children, since women are encouraged by the Church to bring as many new souls into Thoem's House as their physical shell can bear.

Finally, to further warm the cockles of anyone who chooses to visit this hospitable city, all alcohol, drugs, gambling, and non religious drama and music are strictly forbidden.

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