The God of LAW through Physical and Mental Perfection.


Man is the manifestation of LAW, but, while of LAW, he is still tainted by the CHAOS, which is in all things born. Tehnites believe that the goal of life is the perfection of oneself and the extrication of CHAOS. By excising CHAOS, a worshipper will slowly encompass more of LAW, until he is its living representative.

Tehne worshippers are adamantly opposed to creatures of CHAOS (undead, darklings, metamorphs, etc.) in all their manifestations, for CHAOS must be removed from all things, not the worshipper solely. Tehne worshippers despise worshippers of CHAOS religions as fools who are dooming themselves to a living purgatory, because they voluntarily and eagerly bring within themselves the disease of CHAOS. They further have no regard for anyone who abuses their body with drinking, drugs, etc., because they believe this is desecrating the altar of LAW. While they do not normally seek out and kill worshippers of CHAOS, they are known to brawl with them, so as to demonstrate the superiority of LAW. Because of their tenacity and zeal in their attempts to purge CHAOS, they are greatly feared and hated by these worshippers.

The cult's colors are black and white. The symbol of Tehne is a Mobius strip parallel to the Line of Force.


Initiate worshippers tithe 50% of their earnings to the temple. Cult weapons are the fist, arbalest and great mace.

At any point a lay member wishes to become an initiate, the worshipper must pass a series of trials. These trials take place in the Arena of LAW. If the devotee passes all ten trials in the maze, he or she gains initiate status. Failure can be fatal.

Lay and initiate members get +1 on S.T. from poison and +10% chance of improving a physical skill (Climb, Fishing, Hunting, Jump, Ride, and Swim). Plus they can train up physical skills at 50% cost, +33% chance of success at Tehne temples. Further the cost of any training is only 80% of the standard value and 75% of the standard time.

Upon gaining initiate status, a worshipper may train in special rites of perfection which will allow him to increase one attribute by one point. All initiates, because of their mastery over their mind and body, gain +2 on saving throws versus fear, illusion, control, and disease; the ability to detect CHAOS or CHAOS creatures (darklings, undead, metamorphs, etc.) in a 30 foot radius when concentrating; one month of training to increase ride horse, swim, jump, and climb by 30%. They are able to hold their breath twice as long. An initiate, because of his control over his body, can close vessels in a bleeding wound for 20 minutes per point of wisdom +20 additional minutes for every level past the level at which he received initiate status. Further, they can disregard pain from injuries, enabling an initiate to fight even with a disabled limb (unless it is totally destroyed–3 times points in limb taken). The concentration required to stop a wound from bleeding leaves less concentration for combat, therefore the initiate would be at -1 to hit. Once per day, an initiate has a chance equal to their level x18% of increasing their existing evasion points by 20-90% (1d8+1). Afterwards, the initiate must save versus Resistance on 4d6 (one better save per level after initiateship) or be exhausted, losing all evasion points. All initiates can get any physical type of attribute (Str., Dex., Fit) or skill training (at their temple) at half cost with, respectively, +1 or +20% to success chance.

Initiates do not wear armor which is more protective than leather, drink intoxicating beverages or smoke. Initiates may not have a familiar.


The only Arena of LAW is on T'Coraa's Fist–the Tehne stronghold located fifty miles off the coast of Aereolus City. The monastery will train initiates in all fighting, physical, and mental pursuits at 20% of the standard fee; all others at one fifty percent of the standard fee. The monks on the island are the best trainers in the Crescent Lands, so when paying for better tutelage improve the class rolled to the next better level.

Tehne worshippers can be somewhat of a bore.

Tehne Holy Days

January 1st Reaffirmation (day to reaffirm ideals)
October 27th Law's Challenge (day penultimate to Chaos Day)
February, May, August, and November 1st Ohm Ppuhr (day of self re purifying)
Th'Ar 28th To'ar' Stora (reading of the Book of the Year)

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