CHAOS God of Rogues, Drunks, and Thieves.


This religion promotes friendly anarchism, as a quote from the third book of the Scriptures (Harui the Bloated 11.3) exemplifies: "If thou wills to lie down herein my couch, then I to another gutter must repose." Not surprisingly, considering its nature, Tarimites are a tolerant and gregarious lot.

The Church of Tarim believes that free will and action are the representation of CHAOS, and as long as a person’s actions do not infringe on the actions of another in a harmful fashion, a person should be free to acts as he chooses. Drinking and drugs, since they disorder the mind, brawling, since it is a disorder of actions, and thievery, since it is a disorder of laws are acts of CHAOS. They are essentially harmless acts which are representations of a free individuals will, and thus CHAOS.

There are no specific cult colors. The symbol of Tarim is an overflowing ale mug. The stone of the Tarimite church is chalcedony. Its cult weapons are the sling and cudgel.


Tarimite temples are often located in pub basements and the back rooms of taverns. Religious tithes and donations should be in the form of food, alcohol, and money the more, the more blessed.


Tarimites are the friendliest worshippers of CHAOS; associating with anyone who will buy them a drink or afford them a living.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in Tarimite-associate skills (Gambling, Evaluate Treasure, Spot Hidden, Bargain) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success. Lay members save versus alcohol and drugs at +2 and poison +1. Initiates save versus alcohol and drugs at +4 and poison +2.

To become an initiate a worshipper must demonstrate in his life that he is following the precepts of the God (brawling, gambling, drinking, debauching) in a righteous fashion.

Clerical initiates receive the 1st level Miracle: Water to Ale.

All initiates get one thieving skill taught them (at base 25%). Initiate thieves can either be taught a new skill of any type or be trained for a 33% increase to a thieving skill. Initiates gain +2 to hit, +1 on damage and +5% to critical with the cult weapons. When attempting to stun or subdue, increase subdual damage by 25%.

Tarim Holy Days:

January 1st Gods Day (New Year's Day)
October 27th Nighchosdaye (So as not to align themselves too closely with the hard line adherents of CHAOS, they celebrate Chaos Day one day early)
December 26th Brewer Dawn (Tarim showed man the secret of brewing ale)
Th'Ar 18th Saturnalia
The weekends.

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