Summoning Descriptions (Level 4)

Charm III

Similar to the Second Level summoning Charm II, except that the witch must have a Charisma of 15 or greater and it will effect 2d3 human(oids) or 1d3 monsters.

Duration One minute plus one minutes per level after Second
Saving Throw Standard
Range Sixty feet
Speed Medium

Conjure Elemental

This summoning allows one of four elemental types (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) to be brought to the Material plan. All elementals are of the 8th level variety i.e.,

Earth Air Water Fire
Attack 8th level fighter
Evasion 8d10 EP
Hit points 15 HP
Initiative +5
Armor Class 2
Affected by normal weapons
Speed 6" 36" 6"/ /18" 12"
Damage 4d8 2d10 5d6 3d8

Every round there is a 5% (non cumulative) that the elemental will go rogue and attack the caster.

The witch must concentrate on the elemental to maintain control. Disruptions to the witch's concentration will have a 75% chance of causing the elemental to go rogue.

Large amounts of the element summoned must be present for the summoning to succeed.

Duration One minute plus one minute per level after 5th
Saving Throw N/A
Range 100 feet
Speed Slow

Control Liquid

This summoning will allow a witch to part water, dam rivers, super charge tides, etc.

Duration One minute plus one minute per level after 5th
Saving Throw N/A
Range Sixty feet distant + 30' radius. +10 feet distance and 5' radius per level after 5th
Speed Slow

Detect Enemy

Detect enemies (must be sentient) within a radius

Duration One minute plus one minute per level after 5th
Saving Throw N/A
Range 30' radius +10 feet after 5th
Speed Medium

Distance Speak

This lets a Witch converse with someone at a great distance. The Witch does not have to see the person, but must at least know them vaguely. The recipient can choose not to answer and the Witch will not be aware whether the summoning failed to find the person or if it is a refusal of contact. This summoning may not be used to locate unwilling parties.

Duration 30 minutes plus 30 minutes per level after 5th
Saving Throw N/A
Range 5 miles + 5 miles per level after 5th
Speed Medium

Major Disguise

This summoning encompasses all the attributes of the two lesser Disguises, as well as working in full light, and it can make an individual appear as a different race or a specific individual.

Duration Twenty minutes plus ten minutes per level on others; 24 hours plus one hour per level of the caster
Saving Throw N/A
Range Touch
Speed Slow

Pyrotechnics II

This powerful summoning lets a witch control fire elements, spirits, and sprites, thus giving her great control over conflagrations. With this summoning, a witch can whip a smoldering or dying flame into a roaring bonfire, cause it to wash across a landscape at her whim, and just as easily snuff it out. Twenty-five square feet of flame may be controlled by the witch per level after Third.

Further, a witch can use this summoning to control even sorcerous magicks. It takes two melees to rest control from the wielder, and on the following round she may manipulate it as she wishes (though the original caster may choose to cancel the spell). Chance of success is 40% plus 5% modifier per level of difference between the two opponents.

With any large fire source the witch controls, she can summon one FireSprite per melee up to her level, as long as she is concentrating.

Duration Ten minutes plus five minutes per level after Second with non-magical fires and if not summoning FireSprites; otherwise one minute plus one minutes per level after Second
Saving Throw See above
Range Sixty feet
Speed Slow

Savior III

A witch in the wilderness can summon 2d4 large (horse/bear sized) animals. These creatures tend to be common animals of the environment. It can be used in wilderness, cities, or underground. The animals arrive in 1d10 melees.

Duration Thirty minutes
Saving Throw N/A
Range N/A
Speed Slow

Summon Minor Servitor

This let's the Witch summon a minor daemon of nature. This creature, which will be most closely aligned with the elements found in the summoning area, will serve the Witch for up to 1 week. As a servitor, it will carry objects, climb walls (if applicable), sneak, clean gear and generally act as a servant. It will not participate in combat; though it can be forced to take a blow in place of its master (this will immediately disrupt the Servitor). The specific abilities of the Servitor will be affected by the environs from which it was summoned.

The creatures will often resemble the summoning environs, e.g., one summoned in a pine forest might resemble a short humanoid figure constructed of pine bows, moss, mushroom and leaf mold.

Duration On week + one week per level after 5th
Saving Throw N/A
Range Must stay within 100' of the summoner
Speed Slow

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