Character Creation Step 9: Finishing Touches
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Finishing Touches

Almost finished! Now it is time to see what all those numbers have created. Who is your character? What is he/she like?


Names in the Crescent Lands commonly include a glottal stop, such as G'Kar or B'Elanna, although it is not required. For a good sampling, see this site's main page, which lists current and past characters.

Worshiped Deity

Clerics, Paladins, and Monks should have already selected their Deity, but most peoples in the Crescent Lands consider themselves an adherent of one god. Lay members and initiates gain special benefits from their worship. See the deities page for details.


All characters are assumed to speak Aerine (aka common).

Base percent to know the first foreign tongue is Intx4 (Intx5 for Paladins). Each language after the first foreign language will have its multiplier decrease by one. If the character makes the roll determining if they know a language, then she will know it at that percent. When the multiplier reaches 1, each subsequent multiplier is halved. At the point where the percent ability to speak is <5%, no further languages may be chosen.

Base chance of being able to write a foreign language is (Int + Speak)/4 which must be rolled less than on a percentile die.
Base percent to write a foreign language is Speak/2 but cannot be greater than two-thirds of the write native language

Languages spoken in the Crescent Lands

Make a wiki Page!

Type your character's name in the fields below and click "new page" to add your own wiki page to this site. This is not required but is a good way to let the rest of us know more about your character. Add a character description, image, anecdotes or anything you'd like. Check out the character-list for examples.

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