Character Creation Step 8: Equipment
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Weapons Proficiencies

Using a weapon you are not proficient with imposes a -4 penalty. The number of weapons you start proficient with is dependant on your class:

Class WPs
Fighters 6
Paladins and Rangers 5
Monks, Mages, and Mage Bards 2
All other classes 3

(Note this is simply the ability to use a weapon, you'll still need to purchase the weapon, see below.) More information about weapon proficiencies can be found here.

Starting Money

Starting Money is the amount that your character has scrimped and saved or stolen before you set out on your first adventure. The amount you start with depends on your class:

Class Starting Money
Fighters, Paladins,
Rangers, and Monks
5d4 sp
Clerics 3d6 sp
Assassins and Thieves 2d6 sp
Mages and Druids 2d4 sp
Witches 2d6+2
Bards by subtype


Time to buy your gear. The equipment tables are too big to be reproduced here, but they can be found in the Guide. There is also an Excel spreadsheet that will keep track of how much you've spend and convert the coin types.
You can find information on armor types and class information here and weapon types here.

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