Character Creation Step 5: Birth Location
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Birth Location

Where you are born helps to shape the person you will become. The type of location (urban, mountains, etc.) will have an effect on your skills. You can select your birthplace, or roll randomly on the appropriate chart:

Roll 3d6

Roll Location Type
3-4 Foothills (Southern plains bordering the GR) rural
5-6 Greater than 100 miles south of MoM in GR mountains
7-9 Greater than 100 miles north of MoM in GR mountains
10-14 Monarch of the Mines urban
15-17 Within 100 miles of MoM in GR mountains
18 GR in Boreala mountains

GR = GloomRim Mountains
MoM = Monarch of the Mines

If there is more than one type listed for your location, pick one for modifying your skills.

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