Character Creation Step 4: Secondary Stats
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Saving Throws

Saving throw rolls are made when an unfortunate event (fall, hostile magic, poison, exhaustion) occurs that the character needs to avoid or mitigate.
• Roll 4d6 LESS than an attribute (e.g., Dexterity, Strength, Resistance, Force). LOW rolls are good.
• Games Master will indicate which attribute the save is against and if a different number of dice is required.
e.g., Character is falling. To avoid damage and land safely, the character must roll less than the Agility score score of 14 on 4d6. A roll of 15 is made, therefore the saving throw (save) fails and the character takes damage from the fall.

Easy Roll 3d6 less than the type
Medium Roll 4d6 less than the type
Hard Roll 5d6 (or more) less than the type

NOTE: A roll of 3 sixes means the save always fails. Similarly, a roll of 3 ones always succeeds (no matter how many

Used for Strength related saving throws (Standing ground, etc.)


Note: Your Force may be modified by your Trait.

Secondary Stats

Various other stats cannot be directly tied to your primary abilities. These are computed here:

Run is a measure of your speed when running. See also Rules Revision: Run

To determine you Run, look up your character's height on the gender appropriate Human table (regardless of actual race) to find the value in the Roll column. Roll 3d6, multiply the result by 2 and add the value you just looked up. Now divide that total by 3 to get your Run.

((roll on human height table)+((3d6)*2))/3

Ig'Ne is 4'0". Looking that height up on the Human male table returns a value of 3. Ig'ne's player rolls 3d6 and gets a 9. So (3+(9*2))/3 means Ig'ne has a Run of 7
To find distances/melee based on your run, go here

Note: Your final score may be modified by your Trait.


During combat, the order in which all participants act is called initiative. Initiative is determined by rolling 1d10, modified by dexterity, Trait, and Level (zero for first level characters). Your initiative may be further adjusted, depending on your Attack Mode, certain weapons or spellcasting.

If greater than 10, you get two attacks per melee. One at your total roll (e.g., 11) and the second attack at your roll minus 10 (e.g., 11-10=1)

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