Character Creation Step 1: Stats and Traits
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Creating a Character

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Crescent Lands uses the standard D&D stats with one exception: the Constitution stat has been replaced by two separate stats: Health and Fitness

From Boreala to the Southlands, Humans are the most common race found in the Crescent Lands.

St 3d6
Int 3d6
Wis 3d6
Ch 3d6
Dx 3d6
Ht 3d6
Ft 3d6

NOTE: Humans are the only race allowed to arrange their attribute scores (i.e. roll one set of seven 3d6 rolls and arrange them however you’d like).

You are allowed to roll multiple sets of stats and pick the set you prefer. However you must select a complete set, you cannot pick one value from one set and another from a different set.


Some characters are born with a bonus, above and beyond the standards of their race. These bonuses are called traits. A trait can only be selected at character creation, but is not required. A stat is modified permanently by a trait, and any computed values that use that stat use its modified value.

This individual fights in a wild or frenzied manner.

Calculate multiple attacks based on initiative +3 (e.g., 9 initiative = 12, one attack at 12 and one at 2) or +2 to hit.
No Dexterity benefit to armor class; never uses Full Defence

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