Creating a Character

Creating a Character

You do not have to do these steps in this order, but as some items are dependent-on or influenced-by others, this is recommended.

To download a character sheet built in Excel (that can be uploaded to Google Sheets or used in Apple Sheets) click here. It has significant automation to calculate many things (attribute bonuses, hit and evasion points, spell point/wyrding points recovery, etc.). It can also be printed. Note the multiple tabs.


Step One: Stats
Step Two: Hit Points
Step Three: Physical Characteristics
Step Four: Secondary Stats
Step Five: Birth Location
Step Six: Skills
Step Seven: Class Specific Abilities
Step Eight: Equipment
Step Nine: Finishing Touches

Step 1 > Step 2 > Step 3 > Step 4 > Step 5 > Step 6 > Step 7 > Step 8 > Step 9
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