Spell Training

Spells in Memory

A mage may have a maximum number of spells in memory with a combined difficulty of their intelligence plus (level-1).

Learning Spells from a Spell Book or Scroll

  • Mage must be a minimum of 3rd level to learn from a scroll or book
  • If it is a stacked spell, lower levels must be learned first

Learning a spell takes
Three 4-hour days of study with a teacher (can study for up to 8 hours)
Re-learning from a mage's spell book takes 24 hours (no other activity, including travel)

Because learning without a teacher is harder, a mage may only do one 4-hour session per day.

Learning an Unknown Spell from a Book
Intelligence x (Mage Level +1 – Spell Difficulty)
Learning an Unknown Spell from a Scroll
Intelligence x (Mage Level +2 – Spell Difficulty)

Cost to Learn Spells

Mage 2.5 s.p. per level of difficulty or spell points (whichever is greater)
* 15% discount if a guild member
* Chance to learn is automatic
Non-Mage 5 s.p. per level of difficulty or spell points (whichever is greater)
* Chance to learn is Intelligence x 5 + Teacher level starting at 4th – 6

IMPORTANT Non-mages need to be tested to see if they have aptitude. That costs 10 sp and takes one-week. To determine they have spells, drop one tier in the Intelligence table, then roll and see if there is a positive spell point amount. If yes, then they can cast spells and that is the starting spell points.

For example:

  • Intelligence 13 would drop to the 9-12 tier, which means, since a person gets .5-1.5 spell points to start, they are guaranteed to have a least .5 spell points.
  • However, a person with a 9, would drop to 7-8 tier, which means on a roll of .5 spell points they would have no magic (class effect -.5 +.5 roll = 0). If they rolled a 1, they would get .5 spell points. If they rolled a 1.5, they would get 1 spell point.
Intelligence Table
Score Spell Points % to Cast
3 None -10
4-5 None -7
6 -1 -5
7-8 -0.5 -2
9-12 0 0
13-14 +0.5 +2
15 +1 +5
16-17 +1.5 +7
18 +2 +10
19 +3 +12
20 +3 +15
21 +3.5 +15
22 +3.5 +18
23 +4 +18
24 +4 +21
25 +5 +21
Non-mages drop one class
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