CHAOS God of Channeling.


Worshippers of Sarnethra believe that magic is the by product of CHAOS. Magic is the lifeblood from the cosmic struggle for balance and, as CHAOS becomes dominant, this vital substance is more readily accessible to spell casters. LAW, with its rigidity and resistance to change coagulates this essence, slowing or stopping its passage into this plane. It is their belief that once all LAWful forces are eliminated, magic will flow unhindered into the plane of Loca Ottii enabling mages control of godlike powers.

Sarnethrans have great antipathy towards worshippers of LAW (because they would choke off the source of magic) and disdain NEUTRALity (because of their unwillingness to take sides). They especially revile and hate LAWful spell casters, for these casters are fighting for the cause that would, if successful, eliminate the source of their powers.

Neither asking nor giving quarter, Sarnethrans are extremely active in the conflict between LAW and CHAOS.

The cult color is amber, and all initiates and priests must wear some item with this color. The symbol is an upraised hand, palm outward with a widdershins spiral engraved in the palm. Amber is the cult gem.


Lay status is gained by pledging to undermine the cause of LAW where ever possible, a small monthly tithe (5% of earnings) for the support of the Cult, and the agreement to attend a week long assembly once yearly.

Initiate status is more difficult to achieve. A supplicant must take tests to determine magical aptitude and its acceptability. If the tests are passed, the supplicant is given a minor quest to perform, and, if successful, they are initiated. If unsuccessful, they may try the procedure again in a years time.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in CHAOS skills (Speak, Read, Voice, ) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success and intelligence skills (Spot Hidden, ID, Lore, Gambling). Lay members save at +1 versus spells of LAWful base (Spiritual Hammer, Hold, Calm, etc.). Initiates receive +3 versus such spells. Lay members can not cast any spells of LAWful base (Spiritual Hammer, Hold, Calm, etc.).

All initiates when concentrating can detect LAW or LAWful creatures (titans, etc.) within a 60 foot radius.

Sarnethran initiates spell casters are some of the most feared casters of CHAOS. Non- mages, mages and clerical initiates have their Intelligence or Wisdom x5 as a percentile chance of increasing that attribute by 1-3 points. Each level of improvement after initiateship they have a 3xInt chance of increasing Int or Wis 1 point. Mages have access to the cult spell CHAOS Wall and Color Spray and Clerics receive, as a 2nd level miracle, Color Spray; Regenerate one level lower. Because of they are comfortable with manifesting CHAOS, and they understand such, they cast spells of this nature with greater effect ( 1 on saving throws or for beneficial ones +25% effect [e.g., regenerate]) and are less affected (they save at +3). Initiates cast all spells of a LAWful base with worse effects (+1 saving throws; -25% on beneficial effects). Initiates mages roll spell point rolls 3 times per level, selecting the highest one. This rolling is also retroactive.

Clerics cannot cast Spiritual Hammer because of its LAWful base.

Sarnethra Holy Days:

October 28th Chor'ah (CHAOS Day. CHAOS born. End of Old Calendar Year and spirit and demonic planes closest approach to material plane.)
January 1st Gods' Day

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