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Rule Revision: Run

Adopted 11/15/2007

Presumed base speed is a 5 minute mile short sprint. This means a 105.6 feet / melee as an average. Based on this, we use the following chart.

Maximum run at this speed is one minute.

To calculate run, roll 3d6 (natural speed). Then (2x"Natural Speed" + height)/3 for effective run.

Speed Feet/melee
3 54
4-5 70
6 84
7-8 96
9-12 105.6
13-14 116
15 128
16-17 142
18 156

Speed can be increased by 50% each round (not cumulative) with a successful 4d6 saving throw verus Fitness. Difficulty of the roll increase by two after the first melee.

A character can start running at 10 initiative even if their initiative roll is lower than that, but they can not attack or act until their initiative roll.

Encumbrance will modify run speed, but it will be a thumb on the scale at the discretion of the GM and based on reminders from the players.

Rule Revision: Spell Initiative

Adopted 11/28/2007

Fast Spells +5 initiative
Medium Spells +0 initiative
Slow Spells -5 initiative

Except monks, someone using a bow, or an individual with a trait that allows more than 2 actions/melee, a PC gets no more than two actions, i.e., 2 fast spells; 1 fast 1 slow; 1 fast 1 medium; 1 fast 1 fast attack (obviously depending on initiative).

No action can be within 5 initiative of the fast action, e.g.,

PC rolls init of 9 and with bonuses has an initiative of 11. PC casts a fast spell and then will attack with a sword.

Fast spell initiative is 15 (11 + 5 = 16, but initiative can't be higher than 15 except for monks). So, he casts the spell at 15. Normally his hand to hand attack would be at 11, but since it can't be closer than 5 to the fast spell, the hand to hand attack would be at 10 (15-5=10), leaving no further attack.After his attack at 10.

Rule Revision: Sidhe Visors

Due to Sidhe light sensitivity, they must wear either slitted goggles or colored glass goggles when outside in daylight (otherwise they are blind). Sidhe start with slitted goggles. Glass goggles cost 10-20 s.p. and are subject to damage due to head hits (save vs. crushing blow when taking HP to the head or falling or large impacts [avalanche]).

Slitted goggles effect peripheral vision and sight in general. When wearing slitted goggles, the sidhe is -20% spot hidden, +1 to be surprised, 2 worse on all agility rolls, +1 to be hit by side or back attacks, +5% critical side and back attacks.

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