Rangers are usually associated with the wisdom of nature. Rangers tend to be wise, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled woodsmen. Many are skilled in stealth, wilderness survival, beast-mastery, herbalism, and tracking. Archery and (often dual-wielding) swordplay are common to rangers, though there are many instances where rangers use a variety of weapons, skills, and sometimes magic or have a resistance to magic.

Ranger Skills

A ranger starts with six unique skills, three of which may be chosen. All rangers start with the following skills: Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, and Tracking. At First level, rangers can divide 60 points to add among their skills. Rangers get to divide and add 60 percentile points to their skills from second level to sixth, 42% from 7th level to 10th, and 30% per level thereafter. For every skill added above a ranger’s base number, 10% points of another skill must be debited to give the additional skill a base five percent. A ranger can debit points from a skill to raise the base percent of another skill. A total of ten points can be added to any skill; for every 1% point raised, 5% points must be deducted from a donor skill(s). An added skill cannot exceed beginning base.

Any skill which can receive a percent modification based on the ranger's dexterity is in italics.
Hide in Shadows 20
Move Silently 20
Tracking 25
A ranger can choose three Personal Option Skills from the following list of six skills.
Find Snare 15
Identify Scent 20
Make 40
Obscure Path 15
Star Navigation 20
Weather Watch 15


Dex. Score Modifier Dex. Score Modifier
3 -14 13-14 +3
4-5 -10 15 +7
6 -7 16-17 +10
7-8 -3 18 +14
9-12 0



Hide in Shadows: Same as the thief skill, except the ranger skill is halved when used in a city.

Move Silently: Same as the thief skill, except the ranger skill is halved when used in a city.

Tracking: With this skill, a ranger is able to follow animal tracks, trail humans, and generally determine what has passed through the area being examined.


Find Snare: This skill allows a ranger to detect outdoor traps. Indoor traps can be found at half the skill percent. This skill does not allow traps on locks to be found.

Identify Scent: A ranger who chooses this skill has facility at identifying the source and type of smells, odors, and scents of nature and the possible distance of the source.

Make: It is important for rangers, who are frequently alone and isolated for months at a time, to be self sufficient and reliant. With this skill, a ranger is proficient at making various survival tools, such as the following: crossbows, spears, bone implements, skin boats etc.

Obscure Path: Outdoors a ranger can hide or cover a trail, build a blind for observation, cache food so animals cannot find it etc.

Star Navigation: The fact that compasses are extremely expensive in the Crescent Lands means that anyone doing extensive travel must have some other means of guiding herself in the wilds. With this skill, a ranger can navigate using the position of the stars, moon and sun.

Weather Watch: By noting the migration and behavior of animals, cloud types, changes in atmospheric pressure etc., a ranger can determine future weather for up to one week.

Level Advancement

See Fighter table.

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