Mage Pocket Spells

Pocket Spells are the bread and butter of magi in the Crescent Lands. These little spells are how the typical low power, inexperienced magi earn their keep and make their money. Pocket Spells are spells which make life easier, simpler, and more pleasant. A mage can cast 5x their health-fitness average of Pocket Spells per day before tiring, and a 1st level mage receives 2 experience points per Pocket Spell up to 25 pt per day, at second level 1 pt per day up to 25 points, and at third level they receive no points for Pocket Spell. A Pocket Spell costs a mage .05 spell points, but even one Pocket Spell will lock .5 spell points from use by a "normal" spell because regular spells work in .5 and 1 spell point increments. Beginning magi can get 3 Pocket Spells for every 1 spell they are willing to forgo. Pocket Spells last for one month unless otherwise specified.

Magi who performs a Pocket Spell to earn money are considered to be inferior magi, Purse Magi as they are frequently called. No powerful, experienced Magi would ever be caught casting a Pocket Spell for money. Since many Pocket Spells would fall within the sphere of responsibilities of the Tinker's Guild, a Purse Magi performing such a Pocket Spell would have to give 10% of the payment to the Tinker's Guild. Any such Pocket Spells are marked with an asterisks.

A Pocket Spell is not cast it is performed.

Mages charge around 1qb for a Pocket Spell, and it cost 1 cp to learn and 2 days at 4 hours per day.

Pocket Spells List

Caulk*: Prevents leakage from containers (e.g., barrels, flasks).

Keep Dry: Keeps an item dry in the rain.

Latch Gate: Gate always latches when closed.

Never Dull*: Keeps an edge sharp.

Waterproof: Keeps an object waterproof.

Chill or Warm Drink: Chills or warms a gallon of fluid from 40 to 180 degrees.

Delouse: Rids a host of vermin (ticks, fleas and lice).

Puppet Dance: Makes household objects dance and jig like crude puppets (entertainment).

Finder: Find an implement, cloth or piece of jewelry (known and possessed) within a 10 foot radius.

Never Lose: Specified object will echo (follow) owner's whistle.

Unknot: A rope will unknot at the owners word.

Call Animal: Domestic animals will come to a familiar person when called.

Dry Cloth: Dries an individual's clothing.

Humidify Pouch: Keeps pouch ingredients moist.

Dry Pouch: Keeps the contents of a pouch from getting stale.

Candle: Creates a light similar to a candle flame (no UV or IR) hovering above the hand of the mage.

Numbing: Dulls one person's pain for one hour.

Hair Color: Changes a person's hair color.

Umbrella: Keeps a person dry in the rain.

Frond Fan: Makes a large leaf, branch or fan blade wave upon command.

Stir: Cause a stick, spoon or similar object to stir or agitate (for stirring stews, agitating clothes in a wash pot, etc.)

Start flame: A small, grasped flammable object will catch fire on command. One use.

Careful Use: Will REDUCE (but not eliminate) the chance of injuring oneself by accident with a knife, axe, pick, shovel etc.

Quite Room: Noise from outside a room will not be disturb the occupants (sound proof). Will effect any 10x10' enclosure and may be overlapped with further Quiet Room Pocket Spells. Must be performed within the enclosure to be affected.

Raise Dough: Will cause dough left in the Pocket Spelled pan to rise twice as fast.

No Tarnish*: Items will not rust or tarnish.

Repel Insect: Repels most normal pests (mosquitoes, tick, flees) who would land on the recipient (human or animal) of this Pocket Spell. Duration one week.

*One year

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