Paladins are the martial, fanatical arm of Crescent Land cults. Their purpose is to convince the uninitiated, the unbeliever, of the righteousness of the paladin's respective deity through suasion and, if necessary, force. Further, they fiercely defend their temple's interests, properties and peoples.

To perform these duties, paladins are selected and trained from a young age and taught the manifold skills, techniques, and abilities which would allow them to be successful in fulfilling their temple's commissions. They usually graduate into active duties for the church between their 15th and 21st year. During the subsequent years, Paladins are encouraged to adventure and wander so as to test their mettle and better understand the threats and lures which threaten both the physical and spiritual bodies of the church.

To accomplish the demanding tasks which their temples can require, they are trained in a diverse and demanding array of skills; much of the training selects abilities and techniques from across many disciplines. They are rigorously trained in martial arts skills, receive some training in petitioning their deity for unique miracles, tutelage from the Tongue Dancers Guild on oratory, the heroic lay, temple history, and instruction in skills useful for their adventurous and roaming lifestyle. Some skills and abilities a paladin will have after leaving the temple training halls, but others will only be gained after the paladin achieves access into the mysteries of the temple, which only initiate status allows.

Paladins who worship deities of the different Courts (Law, Chaos, and Neutrality) have slightly different skills and abilities.


It is recommended that a paladin have an above average Charisma (to better convert the unbelievers) and Strength and Health (to survive the rigors of their duties).

Paladins receive the same Hit Points and Evasion Points as a fighter and fight on the Fighter Table. Unless restricted by alignment or cult, they may wear any armor or fight with any weapon. Paladins receive one FSAM of their choice.

Paladins receive a +2 bonus to voice. Also, because of the central role of proselytizing, they receive special language training which enables them to have their Intelligence x 5 chance of learning languages (see skills).

Unique Miracles

Further, because of their unique connection with the deity (similar to that of a cleric), paladins receive certain Unique Miracles from the deity. Until a paladin is fully initiated in the splendor of her deity, he receives two Lay Unique Miracles:

  • Lay on Hands — cures 2 points per level of the paladin per day (day starting at sunrise)
  • Detect LAW/CHAOS — when concentrating, to detect alignments opposite the paladin within 30'.

When he receives initiate status, he gains further abilities of a miraculous nature:

  • Turn Undead — turning level starts at first on the Clerical Turning Chart and progresses to subsequent levels as a paladin progresses in level, so it benefits a paladin to receive initiate status at the earliest opportunity.
  • Holy Splendor — +2 on saving throws against magic based on an opposing Court. For NEUTRAL paladins +1 against spells of LAWful and CHAOS base.
  • Divine Confidence — Level x Wisdom chance of having strength flow into a paladin from his deity, doubling evasion points for 1/2 hour, but then thoroughly exhausting evasion points until 8 hours of rest can be taken. Paladins will refuse magical healing of this exhaustion. Usable once per day.
  • Holy Weapon — Once per day a paladin can make his weapon into a holy weapon. A holy weapon will be +1 to hit and damage and +5% to critical at level of starting initiateship. For each subsequent level add +1 to hit and damage and +5% to critical to a maximum of +5/+5 +25%. If the weapon is already magicked, the effects are not cumulative. Usable once per day.

The use of a Unique Miracle will give the Paladin 25 experience points once per day.
A paladin CANNOT use any Unique Miracle without a holy symbol.

Tithing & Favors

Paladins tithe 25% of their earnings to the temple and once initiated 50%. The temple will give free lodgings to any initiate paladin, and most worshippers would be glad to host a paladin of their temple (for a limited duration). A temple will also sell a paladin initiate, for half the normal cost, a light or medium war-horse bred by the temple.

Level Advancement

See fighter chart.

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