North Aereolus

North Aereolus was founded two hundred and thirty five years ago by the Crimson priest Zemphruss Almstone. It is located on a spit of land formed between the Arlis River and its tributary, the Aelowon River. Just upriver of North Aereolus are the Chirn Cataracts, which require all vessels navigating the river to be portaged past this point.

The GloomRim Mountains rise a bare twenty miles west of it, across the river, and North Aereolus is protected from the K'n Yan Swamp on the east by a low range of foothills stretching from Aereolus, four hundred and fifty miles to the south, to Ma Cab, six hundred miles to the north. The silt laid down by annual flooding of the Aelowon has produced rich farmland in the area.

North Aereolus is under the protection of Lord Sola and has a permanent border post of Aereolus light cavalry. As far as can be determined, North Aereolus has no visible government.

North Aereolus is a moderate sized town of five hundred to seven hundred souls who were mostly unaffected by the plague. The residents subsist mostly on farming and trade to those requiring portage. The great crane, designed by Celwicke Almstone in 5733, which lifts craft over the rapids, is the primary source of income for the town.

Large soap stone deposits are found in the nearby hills and North Aereolus has a thriving business in the sale of unworked and worked soap stone. North Aereolus artisans are well known for the quality of their soap stone statuettes. From the border of the Swamp, peat moss is gathered and sold to nearby villages.

Because North Aereolus is the town farthest north in Aereolus, it has a large, full time contingent of 50 Aereolus light cavalry.

The residents speak Aerine, albeit with an accent, and the primary god of worship is Crimson.

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