Monks are specially trained cult members who believe that the true path to fulfilling the dogma of their religion is by making themselves into a temporal representation of their belief system. Obviously, this has different meanings depending on whether the monk is a worshipper of a LAW, NEUTRAL or CHAOS deity. Only the worshippers of the LAWful deities Tehne, Aerea or Cirin, the adherents of the NEUTRAL religions Gessar, Crimson, and the Amazon aspect of Ehestra, and cultist of Ver'l and Sarnethra may be monks.

Level Increase Table
Experience Points Experience Level Jump
0 – 1,250 1 1,250
1,251 – 3,000 2 1,750
3,001 – 5,000 3 2,000
5,001 – 7,500 4 2,500
7,501 – 12,500 5 5,000
12,501 – 22,000 6 9,500
22,001 – 45,000 7 23,000
45,001 – 85,000 8 40,000
85,001 – 145,000 9 60,000
145,001 – 225,000 10 80,000
225,001 – 325,000 11 100,000
+150,000 experience points/level after 11th

Initiative Effects By Level and Class (after 1st)
Fighter/Ranger/Paladin +1 initiative per level up to 10th
Monk +1 initiative per even level; +2 initiative per odd level up to 10th
All others Initiative bonus at level breaks on the attack charts

Percent Combat Experience Points by Class % of Combat
Fighters 110%
Rangers/Monks/Paladins/Fighter Bards 100%
All others 80%

For example, in a combat where each character share is 100 experience points, a fighter gets 110 points; a ranger 100 points; a thief 80 points.


All monks have the following restrictions in common:

  1. May not wear any armor with a protective value better than standard leather armor.
  2. May not use a shield of any type.
  3. Will not ride a mount for standard mobility. In dire circumstances a monk may use a mount and, when injured, the monk can be transported on a mount.
  4. Tithe 50% of earnings to the temple.

All monks have the following benefits in common:

  1. Using his bare hands or a hand held weapon, a monk can deflect non-siege missiles fired at the monk or someone within three feet of the monk. The monk must forgo any attack to do this, but the intention does not have to be stated in pre-melee declaration phase; it must be made before any attack by the monk has been made. To succeed in deflecting a projectile, the monk must roll less than Agility on 4d6.
    1. Two missiles may be deflected at 1st Level with 1 additional for each subsequent level. When guarding another from missile fire, the monk may deflect half his normal number of missiles rounded down.
  2. If the monk has multiple attacks per melee, he can deflect AND attack. But deflection always has to be the first action.
  3. Against magical missiles or area of effect spells, a monk takes ½ damage if they fail to save and ¼ damage if they save and succeed in rolling less than their Agility on 3d6.
  4. Monks get +3 to run and roll to improve their run each time they increase in level.
  5. When fighting unarmed, a monk rolling 5 greater than the needed roll to hit will stun an opponent (no more than four feet taller) if the opponent fails to save versus Resistance.
  6. If within 2 feet of a wall, a monk may break his fall safely from a height 20' + 10'/level after first. The monk must save versus Agility on 3d6 to succeed.
    1. NOTE: A monk does not receive this skill if his Dex/Str average is less than 12.
  7. Initiate monks get +1 to any roll to improve fitness.
  8. A monk can hold his breath for 1 minute per level.
  9. When attacking empty handed a Monk can have more than the normal number of multiple attacks. Monks calculate the number of attacks up to a 25 initiative roll (15 for all other characters) and at -5, not -10, e.g., if a monk rolls a 21 initiative, he can attack at 21, 16, 11, 6, and 1.
  10. A monk does killing damage with an open-hand attack: 1st level 1d4, 2nd-3rd level 1d6, 4th level 1d8.
  11. Monks use a d12 for surprise, like rangers.
  12. When fighting unarmed, the monk's armor class decreases by one until 5th level.
  13. May swap 1 specialized skill for 1 FSAM. Deduct points for increase of level.
  14. Get skill Acrobatics at base 30%.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless a monk uses unarmed fighting at LEAST half the time in hand-to-hand combat, the monk DOES NOT receive the armor class improvement or multiple attacks bonus per melee.

LAWful Monks:


  1. No use poison or acid.
  2. No spells or magic items of a chaotic nature (illusion, Darkwalk, FlameBlade, Multimissile, etc.)
  3. No smoking, alcohol or mind altering substances.
  4. May not travel with a monk of a CHAOS religion.


  1. Three thief Skills—Climb Walls, Contort, Move Silentlynote.
  2. +1 on saving throws per 2 levels against attacks with a chaotic base (illusion, poison, fear, confusion).
  3. At 3rd level or higher, a monk can ingest a poison and if he survives salivate small quantities of antidote.



  1. No smoking or alcohol.
  2. Must carefully balance LAWful and chaotic influence in his personality.


  1. Three thief Skills—Hear Noise, Remove Trap, and Ventriloquismnote.
  2. +1 on saving throws per 3 levels against attacks with a chaotic base (illusion, poison, fear, and confusion) and a LAWful base (spiritual hammer, control).

CHAOS Monks:


  1. May use no spell or item with a LAWful based magic (spiritual hammer, control spells, BladeSharp, Accuracy, Protect)
  2. May not travel with monks of a LAWful religion.


  1. Three thief Skills—Slight of Hand, Disguise, Hide in Shadowsnote.
  2. +1 on saving throws per 2 levels against attacks with a LAWful base (spiritual hammer, control).

Note: For Monks skills, at first level a Monk may allocate 30% points among his skills; at 2-6, 30% points; >6th level 20%.

Level Advancement

When your monk gains a level, pick the appropriate tab to see what bonuses are received

At Second level, a monk adds 30% points to monk skills
1d10 additional evasion points
+1 bonus to Initiative
+1 bonus to Agility
+1 bonus to Resistance
+1 bonus to Force
open-hand attacks now do 1d6 damage

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