Lord T’lloluvin

Universally feared, Demon Lord T’lloluvin is said to hunt the GloomRim Mountains on his moon preying upon all abroad. The truth is somewhat different. Lord T’lloluvin is no more a demon than any other Crescent Lands deity. Unlike other deities, T’lloluvin’s home plane is located physically on Loca Ottii and his power derives from the energies generated by natural world forces. The trees and animals and the rock provide him with the energies for his existence. In return, Lord T’lloluvin’s presence creates a stability in the planes surrounding Loca Ottii—preventing the planar denizen from intruding upon the world.

T’lloluvin’s place of greatest power was Tellura; the place where Loca Ottii is the thickest—the “most itself”. Thousand of years ago a race known as the Builders invaded the Crescent Land, and by means of a ruse, the Builders lured Lord T’lloluvin from his place of power into the GloomRim. In his absence, the Builders constructed a device which from prevented his return. Subsequently, they fashioned Tellura to protect and disguise this device.

Cut off from the fount of his energies, Lord T’lloluvin’s existence is maintained by the residual connection he maintains. In his weakened state he is unable to leave the GloomRim demesne to which he had been lured.

Two millennia ago the rebel faction of witches stumbled onto his waiting place, and instead of slaying them, he chose to co-opt them as emissaries in the lands beyond the GloomRim. For with every dwelling constructed and each forest logged, T’lloluvin’s power is diminished. With Druids he has partisans to act in his defense by preventing the depredations visited on the land by the acts of man.

Lord T’lloluvin is not a benevolent god: his needs are in direct conflict with the activities of mankind. His anger and his tendency towards their destruction is primarily limited by his inability to act outside of his place of imprisonment. His only freedom occurs on Lord T’lloluvin’s moon, when his fetters weaken and allow him greater range for one evening. Curiously, the corruption which affects those abroad in the GloomRim on this eve is not caused by T’lloluvin. In fact, it is the opposite. Lord T’lloluvin’s existence in Loca Ottii has the salutary effect of stabilizing the dimension and preventing outside intrusion. The same weakening of the bonds holding T’lloluvin on this day coincides with the nadir of T’lloluvin’s power (for which the inhabitants of the Crescent Lands should be grateful). With the diminishment of his power, comes the reduction of his ability to resist the outside intrusion of other planes upon Loca Ottii.

The Hunt

Residents of the GloomRim Mountains and surrounding foothills claim that once a year (June, 11), when the Little Sister is new and the Big Sister is full, Lord T'lloluvin (Demon prince) hunts with his hounds for souls.

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