L'ei Blackwing

"What's the chant, cutter?"

Blackwing glanced sideways at the new arrival before turning violet eyes back on the window below.

"Marks turned in for the night. Household guards are on alert, tho. Some god's damned fool from the guild sent notice of bloody intent. Can't send them to hells unawares and all that.."

Blackwing didn't break the gaze with the window, lips turning to be a scowl. The companion stepped back a pace.

"Course they did, cutter. Course they did. Barmy bloody amateurs! Honor amongst thieves only ever led to dead thieves. Hopein' that when the time comes they slip me the blackspot they get wise and do it with the point of a knife."

Blackwing shrugged, wings shifting, midnight black against the night sky.

"So what's the count, squire?"

The new arrival sat back on his haunches and watched the windling, before speaking.

"Money first, Blackwing. Wasn't easy, have expenses to cover …"

Blackwing sneered, teeth in the dark.

"And a half dozen imaginary mouths to feed. Save it, berk. You'll get your money after the job is done, like we agreed."

"Like hell I will, just because you're in with the guild doesn't mean you can bully … "

"That's EXACTLY what it means cutter, and if you value your tongue, you'll shut your bleedin yap before I cut it out of you. Now be a good little birdie and sing 'fore it occurs to me that I might … trim, some unnecessary expenses of my own."

Blackwing turned to the informant, violet eyes flashing, hand resting on one of many shining blades.

"You get me, cutter?"

The man froze for a moment, seeming to consider his options before nodding, once, angrily.

"Four that I know of. Two blades, one bowman, couldn't see any arms on the last one - possible mage-hand, or a one those Tehne hardasses. Wards on the doors and windows."

Blackwing nodded.

"Expected as such."

The informant turned on his heel and scrambled down the ladder from the roof.

"I expect my payment by dawn"

Blackwing nodded again, absently.

And then stepped off the edge and midnight wings traced the night.


Blackwing stands approximately 18 inches tall when relaxed and has a spikey tuft of silver hair and narrow, predatory violet eyes. The wings are thin, dragonfly like contraptions but about twice as wide as Blackwing is tall when fully extended. The wings are a deep deep midnight blue/black and only barely translucent, a rarity for pixies/windlings/slyphs and potentially valuable to some magi or talismongers as a material component for spells or items.

Blackwing's attire is entirely dark leather, just off of black, with bits of dulled metal and buckles serving as makeshift armor, providing protective equivalent to studded leather, though it is hardly a uniform piece nor tailored.

The longsword is kept in a thigh scabbard slung low below the wings on the left, while the shortswords are held in back sheathes, crossed, with one accessible with either hand. The knives are secured by straps to each thigh. Blackwings boots are also visibly steel toed, and the thieves picks are tucked in the left boot.

Any gear or kit Blackwing carries is slung low in a satchel/backpack so that it does not interfere with the wings. The backpack/kit can carry about the same equipment as a large belt pouch for a normal human.


Blackwing exhibits a mix of conflicting personality traits - often silent and withdrawn and at other times brash, aggressive and overbearing. Normal tones of speech tend towards a low growl but when enraged can fluctuate between levels of volume to the point of being heard, clearly, at ranges of up to a quarter mile. Oddly, the gravelly tone dissipates when clarity and conciseness is called for, or when speaking at volume, which might indicate it as an affected trait.

When left alone in a normal situation Blackwing exhibits introverted tendancies, reading, musing and otherwise seeming to actively disappear from any course of conversation in which there is no direct involvement. However, this persona can swiftly shift to an extroverted loudmouth gambler, daredevil or bully should Blackwing be baited or actively seek engagement in some form of activity. Blackwing has no known friends or longtime associates but has been known to engage in stalking/reconnaissance behaviors on persons found to be of interest, either personally or professionally, only making contact with the person in question after gaining an uper hand in knowledge. Direct engagement is rare, and Blackwing answers no question about background, feelings or other personal inquiries.

Blackwing is also extremely vigilant, to the point of being nearly paranoid, sleeping only in defensible/fleeable locations with weapons on hand and only ever relaxing guard in complete privacy.

A modern day psychologist might classify Blackwing as exhibiting hallmark behaviors of an abuse survivor with hints of post-traumatic stress disorder or dissociative personality disorder.


Little direct is known of Blackwing's history prior to the joining of the Assassins Guild. From what has been gleened Blackwing was the personal familiar of one or more mages, having been captured and brought to Aerelous at a young age. Given the sheer aninimity Blackwing exhibits towards Emerikel practitioners it is believed that the "master" in question was a follower of that faith.

Since joining the guild Blackwing has become known for taking jobs against "hard" targets - magically defended, fortified or otherwise dangerous individuals. Blackwing's size, natural mobility and magical nature have so far proven useful in terminating these targets in both conventional and non-conventional fashions. However, Blackwing still requires a handler and tithes proportionally larger amounts of the fee to the Guild, as Blackwing's unique nature also generates a more visible and potentially notorious profile than other guild members. At present this is considered a potential liability by the guild and measures are in place should termination prove neccesary.

Outside of the Guild Blackwing has little - maintaining a few small residences in the city which amount to attics, crawlspaces and the like. Only recently has Blackwing moved in the open in the city, and is on th everge of becoming a local oddity. Fortunately Blackwing varies routes, merchants and other contacts in the city so as to not become known in one particular area.


Blackwing follows the Er'aren tenet of dual worship, public and private. In public Blackwing is a Ve'lite, though, by all accounts, a middling one. The tenets of chaos and combat are deftly displayed but other notions such as honor, single combat and such are lacking. Given the trade of the assassin non-direct confrontation is employed and as such has a place in Blackwing's repertoire. While a welcome if odd member of the laity, Blackwing will likely never reach initiate status.

The faith of Er'aren is Blackwing's private worship and serves as a grounding on many of Blackwing's behaviors. Note the hatred for Em'erikel is deeply personal and predates Blackwings involvement with the Er'aren: it is less an act of worship and more a sanctioned vendetta.

Blackwing worships true, however, and dissembles in a unqiue way, in effect devoting the assassin's entire existence to the art of the lie.

L'ei in fact is a shortening of Blackwing's truename, L'eira.

Blackwing is, in fact, a she.

The reasons for her passing as a male are many fold: in truth the bulk of the populace would likely not care, as the gender of a pixies is as useful to most Crescent Landers as is the gender of a Barbie versus a Ken doll to most grown-ups today.

However, for those who know a bit more, as her previous master did, her gender combined with her wings makes L'eira EXTREMELY valuable. If black wings on male pixies are rare then on females they are virtually unheard of, she is as Roc's Teeth or Medusas Hair, a thing of impossibility if not legend.

For ultimately a mundane reason: her family line of was hunted nearly to extinction for use in certain spells and potions of longevity and beauty in ages long past. Spells sought after by the noble houses and the greatest mages, a kings ransom in the right hands.

Her wings are worth her weight in platinum.

In that sense, the masquerade is one of survival. As it stands "his" wings are valuable, but not worth the wrath of the guild, "He" is an oddity, not a true rarity, and there is some safety in that.

It's also a matter of practicality - as a "He" the idea of a pixie assassin is somehow slightly more credible. She would likely have not gotten Guild status otherwise.

Lastly, it's a matter of psychology - she HAS been victimized, abused and treated as property. It's a way of reshaping her identity and asserting an agency that she did not have under her original master. Blackwing will NEVER be subservient again.

Practically, what little knowledge of disguise Blackwing has from her training goes extensively to her maintenance of the L'ei persona. She is aided in this by the relative ignorance of pixies in general.

Character Sheet as of Last Appearence

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