"I am remembered of a Goddess.

"I have stared into her eyes and seen vanished epochs and unknown futures remembered.
"I have seen my life, transient and fleeting, reflected in the eyes of memory.
"I have seen the end of all things, and known the crawling chaos that laps at the shores beyond.
"I would be a fool to think, after this, that I might walk the wide worlds unchanged… .

"I remember a Goddess." - Na'ran Kin'rai, Rook

NEUTRAL Goddess of Secrets and Memory

Rein Manu (She Who Remembers); The Waiting One; The Lady of the Wastes.


Beyond the lands of shadow, beyond the Ashen Forests and Ghul Wastes, beyond the Abomination that is Yondi, she waits. And she remembers. Her memory was old when the gods were young, and she has seen that which lies beyond.

In the Place of Her Mourning, by the Barren Sea at the rim of the world, she waits, and she remembers what was.

She is the Goddess of a dead race; she alone bears witness of their passing. Of who they were naught is left save the Ruins of Memory. Once, to hear her words, her people spanned the globe and carried the light of civilization across the whole of the known world. Ships sailed across the glistening Sea of Worlds End to bring her tribute and praise, and her name invoked awe and reverence.

And then, as with all things, it ended.

Only She who Waits knows how it ended, or why. All that can be said for certain is that it did.

The ocean passed into mists and the cities turned to sand, and the once mighty beacon which shone her light across the lands crumbled and leaned askew.

And only she remained.

And so it was for uncounted ages of man;
Until she welcomed The Paladin, The Ranger, The Daemon and The Disciple into her lands.

And it is there that for us, Her story begins …


Klesst was at one time the Goddess and patron of Her race, felid creatures of great grace and beauty. But they exist only in Her memories now - what sustains Her without the worship of her people is unknown. It is believed, by some, or by one, that it is the memory of Her people that sustains Her. In the remembrance of things there is power, and so long as something is remembered it cannot be truly dead. So She remembers, and now, is remembered. Fittingly, for those few worshipers that walk the lands she has taken the dominion of memory and remembrance. Her followers see it as their duty if not their obligation to remember all that which they see and hear. To some they are as the Loremasters of their ages, tasked with preserving that which is against the ravages of time so that they, too, might be remembered. To others they are walking reliquaries of the broken hopes and shattered dreams of peoples time has since reclaimed.

Yet knowledge does not come without price, nor is it given freely. Klesst also holds domain over secrets - both known and forgotten, and the keeping and acquisition of them is a task for her charges. In this, in some ways, she mirrors the lesser deity Emirikel: yet Klesst's followers lack the zealotry and unscrupulous nature of Emirikel's marauding scholars, and the secrets they desire so too are different. The secrets of Klesst are many and varied, and are the stuff of life and memory, the story we tell ourselves before we fall asleep. Her secrets lie in the name of your first beloved, or the private joke from ages past that gives you cause to smile for no apparent reason in the midst of sorrow. Hers are the secrets of the ancients, of the Times Before and the Places Beyond, and Hers are the secrets of the dead.

Of these, Her existence is perhaps the greatest secret of all.

In the convergence of secrets and memory lies the realm of prophecy and future memory. Some of Klesst's devotee's have been known to experience prescient dreams or waking memories that are not their own. Couched in riddles and signs their meanings are often not readily apparent until the moment "remembered" occurs.

Klesst's symbol is that of a golden eye.

Practices and Worship

She was facing west, an ebon silhouette against the setting sun. She was forever framed in that window, looking out to sea, remembering.
- Na'ran Kin'rai

Prayer and Remembrance

Klesst worshipers pray at dusk, facing west towards the setting sun. Prayer consists largely of meditation and remembrance, as the worshiper attempts to recall the events of the past day. The significance of the setting sun is significant, as it is there that days end and beyond which secrets begin. Devotees pray facing towards the end mystery while carrying the known with them wherever they walk.

To value secrets is to value truth. To know one is to know the other. They cannot exist apart.
- Na'ran Kin'rai


Oddly enough, given the secretive proclivities of Her worshipers, they do not lie. They may not answer, or not tell the whole unexpurgated truth, but they will not when faced with direct inquiry lie.

When you have it, you want to share it, when you share it you haven't got it.
- Na'ran Kin'rai, on secrets

The Value of Secrets

Worshipers of Klesst tend to hold secrets dearly, not sharing them save with those who they deem worthy. This includes the knowledge of Klesst's existence - of all secrets She is the one they prize most highly. This makes prostletization . . difficult, but it insures that the followers of Klesst are swift of mind and purpose.

Given the worshipers commitment to truth, they can be coaxed to part with secrets if a petitioner asks the right question: in many ways this exemplifies the faith as whole - the faith is less about answers than it is the questions that prompt them. A petitioner who asks the right questions may be considered for initiation into Her ways should the worshiper deem them suitable - Klesst herself has no need of further worshipers, so the number of initiates at any given time is very low.

When The Goddess extends you her hand, you take it, no matter that which is contained within.
- Na'ran Kin'rai

Acceptance and Responsibility

A worshiper of Klesst must acknowledge the transience of life, that pain and loss are as unavoidable as joy. They are to accept that which is given, whether it be plenty, pain or hardship and take the responsibility to see it through.

For all I ought to have thought, and have not thought;
All I ought to have said, and have not said;
All I ought to have done, and have not done;
I beg forgiveness.
All I ask,
All I pray,
All I beg for,
Is for the strength to live these next few moments well.
- Na'ran Kin'rai, upon gazing at the Edge of the World

Right Action

A worshiper of Klesst seeks to know that which must need be done, and to do it. It is not enough to act but to act rightly. Worshippers recognize that they are but parts of a larger story, and the necessity of that story is to be maintained. Recognizing that necessity and pursuing it to its end, whatsoever it may be, is an act of devotion, even at the cost of one's life.

Forty pounds. Forty pounds for the fate of the whole of the world. Forty pounds for redemption. Forty pounds for life. Gold. A king’s weight. And worth every copper of it.
- Na'ran Kin'rai

That Which is Due

A worshiper of Klesst will always know their worth and they expect others to so as well. They will accept that which is their due, and they will treat fairly with others, but they will expect the same treatment in return. They will collect upon debts and know that which they are owed at all times.

The only way to fly is to be willing, first, to fall.
- Na'ran Kin'rai


Never be afraid to fall, never be afraid to fear. But fear should not inhibit action, nor should it define that which we are. Similarly, success is worthwhile only if failure is possible.

Futures Remembered

I am remembered of things I have not seen and places I have never been. Between wakefulness and sleep I find myself wandering the corridors of time to places that have not been, or have been and are yet to be. It is impossible, it must be, for the future has not happened, it cannot be remembered.
Yet I do.
I sometimes wonder if I am asleep or dying, my life's memory playing out before my eyes as the curtain closes. That all of this has happened, and I already know the ending.
And yet …and yet, another possibility hovers in my mind. That is not my memory that I see, but Her's. And that all of this has happened, is happening and will happen again. That each moment carries the weight of eternity.
I do not know how I know that which I know, only that I do.
- Na'ran Kin'rai

The prophetic dreams of the First Disciple are recorded elsewhere, but the theory of their providence is of some note all its own. Possibly the visions are the memories of Klesst herself, amassed over eons. This would imply that it happens that the paths the Lands now walk have been walked before and that life in the Lands may be but a cycle, continuously repeating itself, the retelling of a single story.

It is also possible the origin is truly prophetic - there has been in the past a link between the Crescent Land god Crimson and Klesst, as it was through him that her location was first divined. That these visions occur on the verge of sleep places them in part in Crimson's domain. It is possible Klesst and Crimson share a common history or dominion of prophecy.

So far, however, what is known about the visions is that they seem to fit a larger set of prophecies concerning The White Lady and her trip to the western lands. The workings of the Crescent Lands deities is not normally Klesst's dominion, but the particular focus of these visions seems to lend some import to the prophecies of the White Lady in Her eyes. How they are related is unknown.

The Lost Tower of the Forgotten Goddess

The Lost Tower of Klesst stands in crumbling decay, the thread of time and memory that wove it into being fading with a swiftness ere the divine cord was cut. The gilded and marbled hall of Rein Manu now lies near empty, the old treasures and offerings lost to the onrushing tide of time. Her chamber lies at the pinnacle of the tower, the staircase below a dizzying spiral of broken and shattered steps cleaved to the walls of the tower - a central shaft of broken sunlight running the height of the tower and into the unfathomable depths below.

Her statue stands with her back to the lands, an an ebon silhouette against the setting sun greeting her petitioners with open arms and spread wings. Standing some thirty hands high and sculpted of polished marble veined with tarnished silver it rests at the center of the room, behind the pillar or offerings and the before the endless balcony to the sea and sky below. One eye of the statue is golden, and it always seems to glow as if catching the last dying light of the sun.

The offerings of Those That Fell are arrayed upon the pillar before her, a small an unassuming altar save for the two lesser statues of her, some three hands high each, one cast of silver, the other gold. Between their upraised hands and wings rests her arm - preserved and without decay, razor talons of her claws still extended from the fight and flight that slew her. Below that rest the relics, the final tokens of all that was. An iron blade set naked across the pillar ad upon a folded belt of cloth and leather that seems yet untouched by the passage of time. Two rings, one of bronze, one or mithril placed side by side. And a worn an crumbling pouch of ash, suspended by naught but a thong of leather.

And there is naught else in the chamber but the sound of the wind.

Relics of Klesst

Eye of Klesst
Left Eye, golden. Provides Ultravision (Extreme) out to 60' in Total Darkness. Monocular vision in darkness only. +15% Spot Hidden, Regen 1 HP/3 Rounds

Daemon's Shape
(Protean Earring)
Mithril Earring of Polymorph, acts as per spell. Costs 1 spell point, works 1-3 times per diem. Can emulate any animal/creature mansize or the equivalent known and seen by the wearer.

Dharakeen's Blade
(Bastard Sword of Goblin Slaying)
1d10/2d4 [+1/+1/+5%], capable of producing a flameblade up to three times per day, activation word "flambe," adds +d10 damage and +10% critical. Against Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orc's, Ettins, Bugbears, Giants, Gnolls, Kobolds, Ogres and Trolls it acts as [+2/+3/+10%] Granted to Rook upon the passing of Dharakeen.

Ring of Trey
(Ring of Protection)
+1 Ring of Protection, costs .5 spell points, 80% casting chance, 1-3 per diem. Given by Trey upon his passing for eventual return.

Warrior's Belt
(Magic Belt of Armor)
+2 AC, 1-3 per diem. Activation word is "Black Death." Taken from Dharakeen upon his passing.

Ishn'fahds Ashes
The moral remains of Ishn'fahd, Paladin and companion to Rook, Disciple of Klesst.

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