There are three types of bards: Warrior Bards, Mage Bards, and Thief Bards. All three types of bard know Wyrding and are trained in the thief skill Memorize. Fighting and Thief Bards gain spell points as any other non mage. Thief and Mage Bards fight on the Thieves' Combat Table and get the hit and evasion points of thieves.

Warrior Bards get the hit points of fighters and the evasion points of clerics and fight on the Fighter's Combat Table.

Thief Bards receive three thieving skills, besides Memorize, and all other thief skills and talents including increased back stab damage. Thief bards divide up 25% points among their Thief skills at first level. These three skills increase at 30 point per level till sixth, 21 points from sixth to tenth, and 15 points per level there after.

Level Increase Table
Experience Points Experience Level Jump
0 – 1,250 1 1,250
1,251 – 3,000 2 1,750
3,001 – 5,000 3 2,000
5,001 – 7,500 4 2,500
7,501 – 12,500 5 5,000
12,501 – 22,000 6 9,500
22,001 – 45,000 7 23,000
45,001 – 85,000 8 40,000
85,001 – 145,000 9 60,000
145,001 – 225,000 10 80,000
225,001 – 325,000 11 100,000
+150,000 experience points/level after 11th

Initiative Effects By Level and Class (after 1st)
Fighter/Ranger/Paladin +1 initiative per level up to 10th
Monk +1 initiative per even level; +2 initiative per odd level up to 10th
All others Initiative bonus at level breaks on the attack charts

Mage Bards' spell training automatically gives them the spell points of a non mage, and they automatically increase in their points each time they increase in level. At 1st level, they automatically receive one spell. They cast spells at a half their experience level rounded down. They do not have spell books and therefore cannot know more spells than their intelligence would allow. If they can get a mage staff, they may use one as a mage. They can cast spells from a scroll, but they are unable to learn spells from a scroll.

Bardic Institutes are located in most of the major cities in the Crescent Lands (The primary one being in Aereolus and the oldest in SpireWall), and they will teach spells to bards deemed worthy. The Institutes choose the spells. Mage Guilds are less adverse to teaching spells to Mage Bards than to other non mages, and charge 3/4 the cost non-mages pay. Mage Bards learn spells automatically

For skill percents, they use the table of their bardic subclass and add 20% to ride and swim, +2 to voice, 30% to music, and 25% to history.

Bards increase morale saving throws for NPCs by 15% when playing. Bard singing can negate any song cast spell or glamour and soothe a Shrieker is she saves.

Finally, Bards have been trained to use the unique ability WyrdeSong. This talent enables a bard to channel Power through her instrument or voice and shape it by the manipulation of musical notes into a spell.

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