You will receive this message from the hand of Scion Hooth of the True Blood. We are confident that you will find him a ready instrument of Eheral’s glory.

Hooth has been painstakingly trained in those skills necessary to preserve him in the wilderness, in battle when need be, and in his sacred role as one of the First Watch. He was,of course, raised for this task in the customary way, as a ward of The Steadfast Circle without confusing or distracting family or personal connections, so you will find him fully committed and single minded in his devotion to the survival and ultimate triumph of our race.

As you know, perhaps the most difficult part of preparing a Scion for service with the First Watch is training him to pass without disturbance among the mingled peoples. As yet Hooth has had no direct contact with the degenerate races beyond serving in a support role during an action which the Blade mounted against a band of Orcs to the Northwest. Nonetheless, while he has been educated from the cradle in the history of the travail of humankind and The Last Words are graven upon his heart, he has also been schooled to keep his own counsel, and in this he is served by a naturally taciturn nature. We believe that he is reliably the master of his emotions and is well suited to serve as a Watcher to the greater glory of Eheral and humankind.

In Her service, I remain,

p.s. Simpto asks me to inform you that our hunters have come across some disturbing evidence of Elven encroachment to the Northeast along with what seems to be a greater frequency of Ogre sightings in the same area.

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