Barbarous Hinterlands

Dear reader, you have now finished the section of this manuscript which discusses the Crescent Lands and now I ask you to turn your gaze to those places where different races dwell, denizens of distant lands flourish, and the unusual is commonplace. I term this section "Barbarous Hinterlands" not as an negative appellation, but as a fitting means of denoting distance from civilization. It would be most unfair to criticize, let us say, Borealans just for the fact that they live in Boreala and not in some more sensible area close to the splendor of Thon temples. Of course, they could relocate, but, in their ignorance, they know naught what they miss. I can further state, from experience, that the Barbarous Hinterlands are not without some charm, despite the primitive and backwards conditions one may find. Peculiar customs may be found in the peoples (please understand that I use this word loosely) of the Hinterlands, but, once again, this may be ascribed to their ignorance of the agencies of civilization for which they must only reach, and the temple of Thon would gladly supply.

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