Heavenly Bodies

Seen from any location in the Crescent Lands are the sun and the twin moons: the Big and Little Sister. The Big Sister has a twenty eight day cycle which defines the length of our thirteen months and women’s cycles. The Little Sister has a cycle lasting three months roughly following the seasons. Many odd people, who have little understanding of true religion, worship these bodies.

Residents of the GloomRim Mountains and surrounding foothills have the quaint notion that once a year (June, 11), when the Little Sister is new and the Big Sister is full, Lord T'lloluvin (Demon prince) hunts with his hounds for souls. Of course, these are the rankest of rumors and only the most ignorant peasant would believe it. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity disprove these rumors due to my busy schedule.

December 25 is the only time of year when both moons are new.

In our part of the world, stars are different from those down South. As all well known, the heavens are a great bowl hung with lights. The only unchanging light is the Stepping Star, hanging above the Death Pole, which is the route souls traverse after death. It is the brightest star in the firmament.

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