Gimpy's Guide

The Completely Revised Edition of

Gimpy's Guide To The Crescent Lands


Barbarous Hinterlands

Ch'mrin "Gimpy" Lilmril

Published by the Temple of Thon, Aereolus.
©5770 PBD

Preface to the Latest Edition

When first published thirty two years ago (one year after the accession of the Bear to the Risen Throne of Aereolus), no one could have expected or foreseen the immense popularity of Gimpy's Guide. To date, this guide has sold more volumes than any other work published by the Temple of Thon (excluding, of course, the treatise Laziness for Fun and Profit: The Holy Words and Anecdotes of Thon).

With this, the fifty eighth edition, we regret to announce the death of Gimpy at the ripe age of eighty two. This work was originally submitted to the Temple's publishing concern as Gimpy's task of initiateship. Not only did he receive initiation into the truly sublime wonders of Thon, but the royalties of this guide kept him in a state that truly demonstrated his receipt of Thon's beneficence. He will be missed.

This is the first revision of the Guide in over four years, and we have attempted to keep the flavor of the original writings, while ensuring its accuracy in light of the recent, turbulent events. The Temple has expanded the sections on regions bordering the Crescent Lands. For the first time, as a special treat, an annotated version of K'Mrir's Historie Humanum is appended to the Guide.

Mro'm Throll
High Prelate of Thon.

Author's Introduction

The Guide was written to aid any being: whether he be the farm laborer fresh off the manure heap or the noble adventurer who may know fifty different uses for cat gut, but is unaware that moldy leather armor is not one of the three aphrodisiacs listed in the Codice of Ineffable Truth. I have attempted to describe all customs, no matter how barbarous or ludicrous, in as fair and unbiased manner as I can.

Much of the wisdom, within, was garnered during my own ill spent youth, which I spent traveling the length and breadth of the Lands. Fortunately, this wayward behavior enabled me to produce a work pleasing in Thon's eyes and thus had a benefit. Those following my intemperate footsteps should learn from my errors and simply devout themselves to Thon.

For those illiterates who purchased this volume thinking it was the Pop Up Guide to the Crescent Lands, thank you for your unintentional donation to the Temple of Thon.


Countries, City States, and Communities

Barbarous Hinterlands

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