God of NEUTRALITY through Valor/Battle.


Gessar resides in an onyx palace of splendid proportions on the apex of SkyChaser, the highest peak of the GloomRim Mountains. There, after death, reside all valiant worshippers who died in His cause. These brave worshippers may be sent from the mountain to perform duties for Gessar.

The colors of Gessar are steel gray and red. ALL worshippers wear some visible gray article of clothing, but only those who have proven valor may wear the RED. Each time the Temple judges a deed as valorous, a worshipper will be permitted to wear another article RED. Onyx, being the stone holy to Gessar, is worn by all initiates. Cult weapons are great axe, hand axe, cross-bow.

The symbol of Gessar is a double bitted battle axe surmounted by the Flame of Valor.

As with most NEUTRAL gods, Gessar did not participate in the Bellum Deorum.


Worshippers believe that self is the true representation of NEUTRALity, since an individual represents attributes of both LAW and CHAOS. If self is the true representation of NEUTRALity, then in valor, in battle, in acts where one's will and focus are centered on oneself (a person becomes his/her own focus, a loadstone of will), a person is truly encompassed by NEUTRALity, because he is totally within himself. Combat and valor are true egotistical events, since in all events the worshipper is the center, the pivot of action, therefore, briefly, the self is integrated (LAW and CHAOS merged) and NEUTRALity comes into existence.

Lay members tithe 10-20% of their earnings; initiates 20-30%. Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in combat skills (Ride, Jump, Grapple, Head Butt, Punch, First Aid, Voice) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success. Both initiates and lay members receive Strength, Dexterity and Charisma training at 50% cost (when taking this training at a Gessar temple) and their chance of success is increased by 2. Both groups can learn a new class of weapons in half the time.

An initiate–one who has received the RED, because of his fearless dedication to the God, gets a +2 bonus on saving throws versus fear and control attacks, and adds 20% to moral when leading others into battle. Clerical initiates receive +2 on damage for Spiritual Hammer. Mages cast Bludgeon, BladeSharp, and Accuracy at half their typical level of difficulty. All initiates may stay at the temple dorms for free. Initiates receive special training in riding, which increases the skill by 33%.

Furthermore, non priest initiates will be taught, free, one of the following spells: BladeSharp 1, Multimissile 1, or Heal l. An initiate, in battle, has the ability to instill courage in his/her fellows (this only effects those directly lead by the Gessarite or with whom he is on very good terms)–this has the effect of adding +2 to saving throws against fear and +1 to hit. Finally, because of their skill and joy in battle, an initiate can add +2 to hit and damage on his/her favorite weapon (weapon must be picked) due to rigorous training with that weapon (and cult battle secrets). To apply this bonus they must roll 3d6 less than their Wisdom (apply a +1 bonus for every level past the one where initiateship was gained).

All clerical initiates receive +1 bonus on all bless, chant, and prayer miracles (+2 when cast on co-religionists).

Since a valiant worshipper resides after death with Gessar, clerics of the religion are not permitted the miracles Raise Dead or Resurrect. No initiate may be resurrected.

Gessar Holy Days

January 1st Ch'chok (A time to praise the valorous dead, honor those who acquitted themselves with valor, retell legends, and compose epics of modern heroism.)
November 16th Founding (A celebration of the laying of the cornerstone for the first temple of Gessar in S'Syn)
May, July, August, October, Th'Ar, and February 22nd Torlach (awarding of the RED and general worship)

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