The Crescent Lands is a long, coastal, plain bordered on the east by the Arlis River and the K'n Yan Swamp, on the west by the Tern River and the Bern Woods, on the south by the Great Sea and on the north by the GloomRim Mountains. The plain has an average width, between sea and mountains, of one hundred miles and a length, from swamp to woods, of over 1,700 miles.

The Crescent Lands get its name from the shape the plain makes between mountain and sea.

From its southern extremes, the GloomRim Mountains range over 1,600 miles north to the Range of Ice and then on to the uncivilized ice fields and tundra of Boreala. Large portions of the GloomRim are nearly impassible due to both geology, botany and large, sharp white teeth of the many denizens.

At the southern reaches of the GloomRim (at the apex of the great peninsula which makes the Lands), the mountains settle into the Myceum Hills, a 400 mile long, rough chain of foothills. The Myceum Hills are filthy with brigands, orcs, goblins, and revenue agents. The hills lie wholly within Ar'Ethmet.

At the western edge of the Crescent Lands is Bern Woods, of which little is known. Here abide elves. Soon after the Plague began reaping souls in the Crescent Lands, a magical barrier surrounding Bern Woods appeared that keeps all but elves from entering. Rumor has it that the elves instituted it as a quarantine against the Plague, since they seemed disproportionately affected. What has occurred with those elves in Bern Woods is unknown—whether it is truly a sanctuary or simply the largest open air mausoleum in the Lands.. However, for those outside of Bern Woods most died during the Plague. Now elves are as rare in the Crescent Lands as honest men in MaCab.

West of Bern woods are an unnamed plain and then, south and west, Dirth Woods (a elven, half-elven, human community) and, north, the Broken Lands and Mountains of Fire.

On the East, the Arlis River is navigable from Aereolus, in the south, 600 miles north to Ma Cab, creating the western border of the K'n Yan Swamp and the eastern edge of the Crescent Lands. Past MaCab, it continues north into the Range of Ice.

The K'n Yan swamp is a fetid area where mosquitoes, lizard men, ghosts, and wisps are as thick as thieves in MaCab. It stretches east from the Arlis River 400 miles, bordering the Great Sea, and north 600 miles to Ma Cab.

On the northeast border of the K'n Yan Swamp is the 300 square mile area of the Withered Woods. Legend has it that this is a place of fell and unnatural beasts and plants created from the aftermath a fierce magical battle in the war against the Wyrmes. Farther east of the K’n Yan, is the Eastern Plain and then the Wasted Lands. They Wasted Lands were a verdant landscape turned to a desert in the war against the Wrymes. Travelers have told tales that magicks fall from the sky like rain in the SouthLands. South of the Wasted Lands are the SkyReach Mountains. South, far across the Great Sea, is the SouthLands.

The SouthLands are a great, humid continent of people who eat strangely spiced food, speak uncouth, unlettered tongues, and know naught of Thon unrepentant barbarians.

The waters off the coast of the Crescent Lands are populated with scores of islands, some settled by colonists of the three countries, but most unknown. The two principle islands are Og and Ogel; piratical city states.

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