NOOOOOO!! Enough of this bootless seeking after a new path. I will walk to the end of the one upon which the Mother of Truth set my feet so long ago. And if I must now walk it alone, without her light at my feet, then still I will find it as best I can and walk to the end and there die with the name of Aerea upon my lips. And if, bloody and dead upon some abandoned and thorny byway, my body gives up my soul to oblivion because the Mother no longer awaits me in the courts above…so be it!

But first I WILL walk the path and walk it with the words of truth still on my lips and in my heart. TRUTH has not died, though the Mother of Truth may have. A Golden Age still awaits those who will follow the precepts of Aerea, eschewing the blandishments of weak and depraved men. And there, in that Golden time, Aerea may be resurrected and all the world be blessed once more by her ascendancy. How many comrades have I seen fall and rise again to fight and triumph at another time. If even imperfect men may return from that distant bourne, how can I, how should I think that the greatest of the immortals may not do so or even more?

If I followed Tehne and found him cast down, what would be left to follow and revere? My well muscled body and finely honed skills? Yes. But what beyond that. What would be great enough, true enough to lead me on? Nothing. And when I perished, what value, what nobility would my life have had. None, for the whole being and working of my devotion would have been in and for myself. If Emer, then still I would have nothing from beyond to strive for. Only mundane laws which are man made, a mere shadow of the great Lw and far more perishable than a deity. Clovis would lead me only to bloodshed and strife with no transcendent purpose. And Cirin? Laughable! Pieces of paper with scrawlings of colored water or oil which may blur, run and disappear in the first rainstorm? Only fools, self deceiving fools, worship such an one. No!! Only that which is beyond and larger than ourselves and our perishable world is worth worshipping.

Mute´ may have had the right of it. She was ever wise and Ehestra made of her a powerful and gentle spirit. Nature and the ever changing and renewing seasons are doubtless larger and more powerful than human kind and worthy of devotion. But I have too long followed law to turn aside now and blunder about in an unknown wood. Though, if she were here….

No! If Aerea has, indeed, perished, then it must be that she was but the great and holy acolyte pointing toward the true LAW. And if that is the way of it, then my feet have long been pointed in the right direction, and to do Her holy will I must only walk on, remembering her precepts, stooping patiently to discern the path and listening for the echo of her voice still reverberating in the perishable world. I will walk! All the blessed followers of the Mother will walk! And who knows but that someday, by our faithfulness, she will someday rise to take up her sword again and lead us to the Golden Age after this greatest of all trials.

But oh, Mute´!! Where are you. I long for you and for our child.

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