NEUTRAL God of arbitration and trade.


This is a cult of merchants and traders; people who live by wit, chicanery, and moderation. Galintheans are careful in dealings with LAW and CHAOS from the wish not to involve themselves in their conflict and be forced to identify with one side. Because of their strict adherence to NEUTRALity, they are often hired as arbitrators and messengers.

While seeking after wealth, they believe wealth should be parted with if it proves harmful or hinders enjoyment and religion. If justly called on for aid, and they do not wish to because of the hazard etc., they will donate goods, money, and advice as a different service for the request. Properly devout Galintheans are not greedy.

The symbol of Galinthe is a small stylized market pole. A market pole is a 5' long wooden staff planted into the ground to indicate a market stall by a trader. The artach, as the holy symbol is called, usually is carved from precious woods in the form of a heavy browed, hollow cheeked, long nosed, man and women facing in opposite directions.


Lay membership is gained by tithing annually to the temple.

Initiate status is gained by renouncing all other religions and appearing at a main temple in either Aereolus or Benges for judgment. Donations can improve the judgment. ALL initiates must be able to read and write at least one non native language.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in trading skills (Eval Treasure, Bargain, Ride, Lore, Write, Speak, and Voice) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success.

Mules, because of their talent as beasts of burden, are considered the God's gift to man. Initiates are able to calm and soothe mules innately.

Initiates automatically increase their evaluate objects 33%, and receive training to increase ride 33%, bargain 33%, read/write in 2 languages 33% (requires 1 month at a Galinthe temple).

Cult spells are Galinthe's Protective Hand (Create Market Place—1st level, 1/2), Fare Dealing (, Value Object 1st level, 1/1), and Eversight (Detect Hostility 2nd level, 2/1). All initiates, if they wish, will receive training in GPR. All Galintheites have the ability to soothe domestic animals.

Initiates, and all clerics, are forbidden to carrying weapons of obviously "warlike nature"–two handed swords, arbalests, poison, flaming oil etc.

Galinthe Holy Days:

January 1st New Years Day
May 21st T'Artha Maht (renewal of all contracts and agreements; the negotiated end of the Bellum Deorum)
Feb 1st, June 1st, Sept 1st, Th'ar 1st Gatherujng (Great mercantile gatherings at four of the major cities in the Crescent Lands)

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