Fighter Specific Attack Modes

Fighter Specific Attack Modes (FSAM)

Fighters have four specialized attack: Shield Rush, Flurry, Disarm, Target.

Shield Rush:

With this technique, a fighter can force an opponent back 1d6 feet. If the ground is particularly rough, the opponent must make a save versus Agility on 4d6 or trip and fall. To Rush, a fighter must role a standard to-hit role. A fighter can not rush someone who is greater than 200 pounds heavier or who has a Str-Hth average 5 points or more greater than the person rushing. On the second attempt to Rush, the opponent can try to resist. Chance to resist is 60% +/- 10% per every point different in average Str-Hth average. Every 20lbs difference in weight modifies success results by 5%. Shield Rush may only be performed when the fighter has a shield. It is his only attack, unless the fighter has more than one attack per melee.


This mode is used to force an opponent to attack the fighter rather than another appointment. With Flurry, a fighter throws lots of fast, light, quick blows to harry and distract an opponent. A normal to-hit roll must be made. While attacking with Flurry, the fighter is at -2 to-hit, -1 damage. If the opponent chooses not to attack the Flurrying fighter, he will be at -4 to-hit, -2 damage. Flurry may not be used on an opponent 2 foot or more taller than the fighter.


To disarm an opponent, a fighter has a base 40% with each differential in level modifying the chance by 5%. For each point of difference in Str-Dx average, the roll is modified by 5%. If the opponent is 200lbs heavier and 2 feet or more taller, Disarm can not be used. It may only be attempted once per combat with the same opponent.


By setting and aiming for 2 melees a fighter may make a called shot against an opponent. Targeting adds +2 to-hit and +20% to critical. If the critical fails, the damage will be doubled. Below are charts that determine the likelihood a specific location will be hit, based on the call.

Head Arm Chest Abdomen Leg
1-5 Head 1 Head 1 Head 1-2 Chest 1-6 Leg
6 Arm 2-7 Arm 2 Arm 3-7 Abdomen 7-8 Abdomen
7-8 Chest 8 Chest 3-8 Chest 8 Leg

Rangers and Monks can select one FSAM to replace one of their specialized skills. Paladins get one FSAM.

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