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Kerrick adds, "Ylgronik means sacred, terrifying, forbidden or something held in awe."

P'bl believes his dad is in possession of an item  that might have been stolen from the tomb/barracks complex, perhaps the cause of the disturbed spirit. His dad talked about having an artifact from a tomb found North of the his town. P'bl believes it is crucial to visit his dad to get the straight story from him about what he told P'bl in such an incomplete way.  And he wants to retrieve the item.

His thought is that when we return to the tomb there will now be two hostile groups there, the orcs and the Eheralites.  The solution is for us to approach the orcs under a flag of truce (perhaps use the sigil from that trading group of mixed races) and to offer to help the orcs remove the spirit from the complex so that it will no longer disturb them, in return for their help in dealing with the Eheralites and also to allow us to investigate the tomb and to allow future access by the archeologists.  There is a lot in this for the orcs, they get free access to the really well defended side of their complex that they can't use now, and they also can arrange for no more hostile archeological groups to come by disturbing them and killing their patrols.
If we do this the party needs to move ASAP to his town (Riverwind) and then to the cave complex to talk to the orcs.

Party would want to head to Ford, then North along the M'nar River for about 125 miles, then west another 50 miles - This would get them to Riverwind, which is roughly South East about 100 miles from the barracks complex. 

Later that evening, one of the barmaid's brings P'bl a folded sheet of parchment, tied about with waxed string whose knot has been melted. The only way to open it is by cutting the strings (this is a common means to 'secure a message', because the wax leaves a particular pattern on the paper, so if it is cut and a new piece put on, they don't match the shadows on the paper). The message is simple: 
The Eheral Temple is aware of your venture. They mobilize to end the quest. They have friends of high position. 
It is unsigned

"Just to speak the thing aloud' - yer response to the discovery that we are tangling with souls with means enough to not jes hire their own private army within the city walls but hold titles and value a pair o' boots over blood is to think 'now we have them?'"

Ro'an shook his head, pushing himself away from the table into a frustrated slouch upon his chair. He folds his arms, frowning, eyes darting about the room before swearing softly and leaning back in - pitching his voice low and urgent.

"It's worse than ye think, Adelard."

"I've word from my cousin - if she is to be believed my frosty reception at the temple was for mine own protection as is my present disavowal. From her and mine family I've discovered that the ship's ledgers we hold belonged to a ship lost two years ago. A ship that was a member of the Bear's own trading fleet - " the last is uttered so quiet that it is barely a whisper. "And the ship as 'tis named now? Is held by means of intermediaries by the gawds damned High Secretary of the Aereolean Mages Guild itself."

"What's more she suspects - and if her facts hold I concur - that these practices stood before the war. There were, to hear tell of it, disappearances amongst the lowers & lessers of the city; seemingly random mutilations and an alarum that saw the lower wards in near riots. They only ceased when the mutilations faltered in their pace. A slowing that by chance or engineering occurred as the war slaves started to decline in number and the reports of them disappearing entirely began to rise."

"'Tis not a mere petty lord behind this. If we task ourselves upon it we are aiming ourselves at both the Crown and bloody Circle."

Re: After the warehouse by CirlotCirlot, 28 Aug 2020 18:24

Adelard looks intently at the little relief map and muses, "This isn't the only place of note in the K'n Yan Swamp… When I was eavesdropping on the orcs at the Raven's Eyrie, they were studying a map which showed Macab, the surrounding territory and the far most reaches of he K'n Yan swamp. They kept pointing to a square icon at the edge of the swamp. I wonder if they were indicating this lost Wyrmish city?"

"Also, they often said "Ylgronik" with great emphasis. Surely, there must be someone in Aereolus who knows the meaning of that word."

You folks receive a messenger boy from the cartographer’s guild.

The boy returns with your amber map relief mold, an object swaddled in wool and wrapped in cotton tied with a string, and a note from S’rona, the cartographer with whom you met.

“Leths and Loth,

“What you left me was much more interesting than I originally anticipated. Contrary to my thoughts, I did not need to send you to the Benges Cartographer’s guild, but had the resources (both in our collection and in the heads of some of my colleagues) to tease out the nature of what you brought.

“We do not know all, but we believe we know enough. The high relief map cast, you will find in the wool and cotton tied package. Be careful. The method of casting was difficult and the map is itself fragile. There is a reason that it was only a briefly popular 600-800 years ago. Also, it is poisonous; the amounts of antimony and mercury and cyanide require the handling with gloved hands. The cloth surrounding it are cotton gloves. “
Unwrapping it, you see a beautifully, iridescent series of tiny metal plateaus, spires, spikes, openings and canyons. The tallest spike is barely an inch tall and twice the thickness of a cat’s whisker. Some of the spires resemble towers (whether natural or grown it is impossible to judge).

“The marking along the edges are NOT, as I originally thought, indications of placements in a larger map; rather they are designators of cardinal points and locations. What confused me was I thought, originally, they were an unusual script of Old Aerine (which is apt for that period), but instead are K’tanO Yrmish (in the vernacular, Simplified Ancient Wyrme Tongue).

“This led me, in conjunction with consultation with some of my peers at the Guild (and the Library of Aereolus Risen) to conjecture that this is actually a much older visual translation of what we suspect was a more traditional transit (flat) map. Forgive me if I seem pedantic, but this is an amazing find.

“Further, we believe it represents what was originally a Wyrmish map, not an Aerene map of a Wyrmish desmense. If you wish to understand more on how we came to this conclusion, I would recommend M’arrANs Mythologica Cart Sc.8. Ch.13 Pp111-210.

“While I believe there is no gainsay in this, some of my peers believe otherwise. Nevertheless, by orienting it at a slight diagonal (so the highest peak is at 3 hands), with noon being North, you have now oriented this on a North to South axis.

“Then there are linear markers on the West side, which I believe indicates distances of 31 Uuan (or 100 miles, give or take). Further it indicates in a small ideogram representing what is now known as the the Arlis River and another ideogram that I believe represents a small wyrmish ruin slightly to the South and East of K’tay (for further reference see, OhoLa’s Emerikel Initiate Treatise “On the simulacrum and symbologica of Late Wyrmish Decadency Period, Antibellum 23-115” Ch: 3-7 with especial references to Ch:3Pp12-16; Ch:5Pp 92-101.) Markings on the east space indicate, I believe, overall elevation which would place it 150 feet above the then extent grasslands (there has been much subsidence since then) and refers to a nearby landmark of “Petrified Forrest,” which could reference what have been found in the GloomRim Mountains – gorgoned trees of the most exquisite crystal.

“So, I believe, and my excitement is nearly unbearable, that what you have is directions to a heretofore unknown Wyrmish City of considerable size, 100 miles East of K’tay in the K’n Yan Swamp. At that time it was on an elevated mound or motte with petrified forrest in the vicinity. Surround (notice the edge on the positive image) by a high, pierced wall. I further believe that what would seem to be topographical features in your map are actually the surfaces of artificial structure – buildings? Ampitheaters? In a Wyrmish city. One I believe is of some importance. While over the millennium, I believe much of it may have been subsumed by the swamp, I believe the highest promontories (if the elements have not fully returned them to mortal matter) may still be visible and aligning the map will match.

“If you have a wish to explore, I would request from my Guild a leave of absence to, if it were not too bold to ask, allow me to accompany you and interpret the map further and guide you to what may be a most marvelous and unknown city of antiquity.

“After the war to defeat the villainous Wyrmes, most of their cities had their locations mapped as the victorious armies of Eheral (blessed is her name) restored wealth Wyrmes stole from our people. But there is no record in our archives of a city being at this location.

“You may well, with the instructions in this message, be able to find it on your own, but I believe your chances would be greatly increased by having one such as myself to guide you.

“Please consider my request.

“Yours, As Always, S’Rona”

Adelard comes back into your rented room at the Copper Coffer scratching his head.

He says, "Not long ago, I was anxious to get out of town as quick as possible as I'm concerned that we have angered someone powerful, and without knowing one bit about them, we’re at a big disadvantage.”

"Well, I just had another chat with T'leish, the recently imprisoned cousin of our innkeeper Borin.”

“She told me that as the captives were taken to that bloody room, she generally had little idea of what transpired. However, she just remembered that one captive (who is now dead) repeated a conversation that he overheard in the bloody room:
" Watch it. You got it on my boots…shall I make you lick them clean…I could buy your whole family with these…They were made by XXX[couldn't remember the name].'
" 'Sorry, sir(e?). I know something that will fix them right as rain. It won't be but a memory of a smell off the old lethey.' “

“T'leish also said that sometimes people were brought into the room with the cages full of captives. During those times, the prisoners were blindfolded, but once, when a number of people visited, she could smell smelled pomander and bitter almonds. She also heard the sound of hard soles and high heels, and a third sound, a 'pock' maybe of a fine tipped cane hitting the deck. “

“I think this gives us some good leads to track down the twisted people behind this scheme:
1) The man in the bloody room during the vivisections has VERY fancy boot, and we could make inquiries at the best bootmakers in the city.
2) A helper or diener doing the vivisection got blood on the rich man’s boots, and referred to him as sir or sire, so we are likely dealing with elites or royalty.
3) When T'leish was blindfolded, the visitors were likely a man wearing hard soled boots and a woman wearing high heels. One of them, or perhaps a third person, was also using a cane. I suspect the pomander smell was carried by one of these elites to cover up the stink of blood and organs. Could the bitter almond smell also be a perfume or the scent of cyanide?”
4) We could also make inquiries about the Sebring's ship log, which we found on the Star Farther, though this may tip off our foes.
5) Last, Borin assumed his cousin was enslaved, but none of these folks had slave brands. They were captives for some foul scheme, not slaves, so we needn't worry about any legal repercussions related to slaves

With this, we may have enough info to track down these monsters. We can run from town, but the best defense may be for us to go on the offense before they get on our track.”

After the warehouse by Tom ScammellTom Scammell, 26 Aug 2020 15:26

Quick meeting summary. So, the plan was:
1. Check to see if Adelard and Vahl could get in through a side door into the warehouse and explore around and rescue target. Stammor would distract the guard.
2. If that didn't work, everyone but P'bl and Stammor would climb to the roof of the warehouse to attack with missile fire while P'bl and Stammor handled the ground.

Adelard and Vahl couldn't get in through the entrance. Stammor Held and killed a guard. The party proceeded to ambush with missile fire as P'bl and Stammor attacked the two on the ship. Went down very easily with no party injuries and almost instant death for the opponents.

Searching the ship showed no slaves though there was evidence of them being there. Ro'an collected as much documentation as possible.

Examining the warehouse doors showed the cargo doors were barred from the inside, so couldn't be opened. From a human-size door (near where the mage was guarding) listening revealed the sounds of knucklebones and conversation and a light shown under the door. Decision was to have P'bl kick the door in and charge in followed by folks with missile weapons (except handheld Stammor). Kicking open the door revealed a group of five: a female, third-circle mage, a dwarven crossbowman, and three fighters. P'bl and Stammor engaged in hand-to-hand while the rest fired an initial volley of missile fire before engaging in HTH. While injuries were sustained by the party (the mage's flamerope hurt stammor, p'bl and vahl), they quickly overwhelmed their surprised foes with two exceptions. One chose to leap to his death in the water (he had chain armor) rather than be captured, and the mage (after a fierce back stab by Adelard) teleported out of there.

After a quick search of the bodies, they party moved quickly through the warehouse with Adelard picking locks. Entering the largest portion, Vahl was behind to look at some metal crates (with Brook having agreed to watch the rear). Adelard searched an unusual door and found it trapped and then disarmed it. The room beyond was a surgical abattoir. Body parts were kept neatly in clay jars of varying size. In some clay jars were strange, rough, irregular crystals that looked like dried tree sap but were shot through with blue and red a purplish lines. The party took a honey-sized jar of one (small).

Stammor started exploring a trap door he discovered.

Unfortunately as this was happening, Vahl almost literally stumbled over a hidden assassin near the crates he was examining. The assassin slew Vahl with a decapitating blow, and then shot Brook with a poisoned dart. P'bl, who was nearby, managed to reach the assassin before she could flee and cut her down from behind. Ro'an gave Brook a cure poison potion. The assassin was searched: magic(?) studded leather armor, steel dagger, steel short sword, all-steel dart thrower, poison pouch for dart thrower. Ro'an took Vahl's decapitated head so he couldn't be identified (Brook weakly protested that his body should be taken for decent funeral rights).

The party went through the trap door where they found and easily slew two guards watching over 20-30 slaves (men, women, children), all looking starveling, some had surgery wounds. As Ro'an put it, 'This is not how slavers treat valuable property.'

meeting ended.

Meeting Summary by Daniel SaroffDaniel Saroff, 18 Aug 2020 17:55

My suggestion would be a simpler plan.

I would suggest Adelard and I, cloaked in darkwalk, (Adelard because he can pick locks and me because of my ability to cast darkwalk) be the ones to enter the warehouse seeking for the girl. When we find her, we cast darkwalk upon her and the three of us sneak out of the warehouse.

To distract the guards and the mage from what we are doing, everyone else, positioned as they see fit on the rooftops or the docks, begin the direct assault by use of crossbow and sword. The confusion and misdirection of this battle should manifestly aid Adelard and I in our escape to the cart secreted nearby.

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by RankinRankin, 15 Aug 2020 00:28

(…..Adelard discovers he was talking so excitedly, he'd didn't realize Ro'an was speaking at the same time.)

Adelard looks at Brook with admiration, "I'm impressed! Just a few weeks out from your former life, and you are really thinking like a strategist!"

"As a preamble, I'm trying to be helpful, not bossy, and here's some ideas":

"Before we pursue an all-out assault, I'd like to raise one more idea: If Stammor can simply put the guard on the bottom of the map to sleep, I might be able to pick the lock on the warehouse and do a little scouting of the interior so we know more about what foes are up against, possibly locate S'le'Aash, and maybe learn a bit about her captor and their motives. Of course, if this goes wrong, it will set off a whole powder keg of trouble…"

"If we go with the current assault plan, I think I'll be the most help sniping with my crossbow from the roof (C) just above the mage (B) as I'll have good angles on him and most of the guards. I can help others onto the roof with a rope if they'd like to help at range. Vahl, are you OK with heights?"

"I can try to take out the mage first and then I'll focus on the other guards as needed, especially if they're not engaged in melee."

"I suggest we strike around 3AM when the guards are likely sleepiest and we'll still have plenty of dark to get back to the inn."

"Darkwalk will likely be of most benefit to those on the ground, especially if they'd like to approach the guards undetected."

"Stammor, would you like to put one or more of the guards to sleep? Can your delightful new cat patter onto the docks and yowl loudly on command to signal the start of our assault?"

"Ro'an, you know Brook's skills best. How can she be of most aid?"

Pointing to the top right edge of the map just before the street meets the dock, Adelard adds, "I suggest we put the cart here as it will not be visible to the guards, and S'le'Aash and others can reach it out of view of most houses. Might be best to place the cart after taking out Guard A as he's the only one likely to hear."

"Adelard, I think, claimed the mage - " Ro'an gestured to the map, finger hovering a moment uncertain and then descending to tap the watchman labeled "B"

"If P'bbl takes 'G' and I 'A' that leaves three fer the remainder. If'n you stand on the roof with Adelard I would mark your first target as this one 'D'" Ro'an looked to B'rook with a nod.

"The two on the ship - 'E' and 'F' would be next - they're harder shots due to range and rigging but the missile fire will, with any, luck keep 'em from spreading any alarms and give those on the ground room to engage. I would say Adelard take 'F' and yeh take 'E' on the theory that each would be yer nearest shot but will depend on where you position yourselves for cover."

"Stammor and Vahl I donnae know. We need a man to hold fast the cart - which I think we should place at the southern pier, by the fountain. It would not look amiss to see a cart both by the pier and taking rest at the waters. So one stays behind and the other stands as aid to P'bbl on his rush to the boat? My thought is Stammor goes with P'bbl - if this lass was captured she may well be injured so we mae need his miracles to enable 'er to move quickly. This holds Vahl in reserve with the cart an' depending on the magics at his command he may e'en be able to provide aid from that distance."

"It will also depend on how much magic you have left within you, Vahl. Of the options I think darkwalking both those upon the roof and those upon the ground would be an unalloyed good. So myself, P'bbl, Stamor, Adelard and Brook - that's five Darkwalks? I would that you be able to make fer the boat as well and enshroud our target as well to aid in the escape escape but if you do make the ground approach then someone else must stay with the cart." there's a shrug, so many moving pieces as it already stood and each complexity another chance for complication or failure.

"If Stammor prefers he could take the snipers perch above and strike with Brook and Adelard, or I could take that duty and he manage the strike upon guardsman 'A'. I think three bowmen above and two brawlers below is as fair a split as can be managed. Tho Vahl might know himself better - " Ro'an frowned, thinking, and then turned to the mage, eyebrow arched in question.

"Did ye not have some manner of aetheric servant spell? And if ye did might they not hold the horse and cart in place? That would free you to join the rooftop missilers under cover of Darkwalk as well."

"Should that be possible then I would say it be myself, Adelard, Brook and Vahl above shooting down: Adelard targets 'B', Brook 'D, Vahl 'E' and I 'F' in the first volley with Stammor going for 'A' and P'bbl 'G'. All under cover of darkwalk. P'bbl masks his approach to the southern pier by way of the cart, Stammor makes his way to 'A' in stealth by way of Darkwalk and upon Adelards signal - a whistle or bird call, mayhap? - we strike as one. I would time the strike to late evening but before midnight; there should be some small traffic on the main streets so when we put the cart in motion we be not the only traffic on the road. Those late hours when the alehouses have just closed and the drunks are disgorged to wind their way homeward - with any luck the guard will be busy keeping civic order and slow to respond should things fail and our marks get off a call for aid."

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by CirlotCirlot, 14 Aug 2020 23:53

Brook looks up. A firm set in her chin.

"And what is my role? I shall not sit simply idly by.

"We know now that some will attack from rooftop, and some from ground, but I still don't have the map of it.

"We will use this shadow spell on some? But who?

"And who is my target?

"Who is Adelards?

"Who is Stammors?

"What signals us to strike?

"And what time? And who brings down the cart and where is it set?

"We can chew the air until it is mush in our mouth, but until we have the details, it is nought different than telling your love how good a meal you make that hasn't been tasted."

She looks somewhat pointedly at Ro'an and Adelard. Less so at Vahl.

Appearing mollified, Vahl eases back in his chair.
“I accept your apology since you are evidently sincere. I will put off the discussion of my future plans until after this endeavor is over. “

“As for darkwalk, it works perfectly fine in the moonlight as long as the person stays in the shadows cast by the moon. In fact, the spell works just fine on a bright sunny day as well: what matters is that the person stay in the shadows cast. As long as we time our raid so that the moon is not directly overheard—so that the moon casts shadows—it should work well. The person needs but ensure they move from shadow to shadow and the spell will work. But, as I said earlier, it will not mask scent so it is perhaps important to find out if they have guard cats and have a plan should such be encountered.”

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by RankinRankin, 13 Aug 2020 22:08

"Thae. Weren't. Aspersions." The words come through a forced smile; calm maintained through a grinding bearing of teeth.

"It is not defamation to say that Darkwalk has issues with moonlight, any more than it is to say I cannot swim so well as a brick or that Adelard is a better sneak and shot than the lot of us put together. Yeh suggested a course that didn't consider wot I thought a known thing. T'lloluvin take the lot of us I may well be wrong in that or in' the spell itself an' how it works; yer the Circled mage, I'm a dabbler of less than a gawdsdamn fortnight - but if I'm wrong I won't know 'less you say so. And by our Goddesses sake I would damn well learn if you'd be so kind as to let me."

"For the rest, I can't speak to it other than respect run all ways e'en if our differences run deep - we've all our disagreements: our Cleric thinks me half o' wotever's most inconvenient be it man or dwarf, P'bbl an I have been pulling contraways as to how to manage the delve since this whole thing started an' we all, to a one, gave Adelard a cartload of nightsoil for him daring to negotiate a better wage for this very task. Not a one of us stands above the other in virtue OR vice. An if it looks that way right here, right now it's only 'cuz I'm the one talking the most. But most isn't best and I bloody well know it."

Shoulders sagging into a defeated slump, Ro'an fell back into his chair with a sigh and waved for a pitcher of ale from Bor'n.

"I'm tryin' to - " Ro'an gestured inarticulately to the air, the shape of it all muddled and unclear. How had it gone so awry? " - make arrangements, so's we can do this thing quick and clean and set out minds to action rather than the worry of it. I'd rather we come to a decision, e'en if it be one I disagree with, than keep circling the what if's and maybes 'cuz there is too much we don't know for there to be certainty in anything we try."

"If by this I have offended, you have my regrets an apology. If yeh still wish to be quits and done , I'll not stop you. If you wish to stay, I'd be glad of it but know that all the same I'll not travel with a soul I can't be honest with. To stand beside is to stand equal and to stand equal is to be able to disagree."

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by CirlotCirlot, 13 Aug 2020 21:17

Back still stiff and lips flattened, Vahl turns.

"I am generally mild mannered but this is now the second time I have been treated with what feels like casual contempt. I did not appreciate P'bl castigating me when I objected to the Ferro-mancers poor treatment of me and I do not appreciate having my abilities scorned.

I will stay for this mission—for it is the morally right thing to do. I will be returning the coinage we've been promised since I for one find it deeply distasteful for taking lucre for engaging in the task that's set before us.

Use my skills as you will and as you best see fit. I prefaced my suggestions as to the best use of my abilities by acknowledging I am no tactician and I will provisionally accept that your aspersions were on my tactical judgment rather than the efficacy of my magics.

After this mission, however, I will depart. I have never called into question the judgment or abilities of my fellow party members and had expected to be accorded the same respect. I have no interest in continuing an association that is not predicated upon mutual respect and civility."

With that Vahl sits back down with his face set in a studiously neutral mien.

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by RankinRankin, 13 Aug 2020 19:43

Ro'an sighed, his head hitting the table with an audible thunk as he groaned, calling after Vahl in the strained voice of a salesman hawking his very last nerve and wares.

"Maester Mage, I was speaking tae those particular arrangement of spells in particular. The darkwalk is neccesary to my thinking, but darkwalking o'er the open sea I think unwise. An when you spoke of your flotation spell earlier you yourself said it would not work 'n all 'o us. That a thing has limitations does nae mean it has no value."

Hauling himself upright, the half-dwarf pinched the bridge of his nose and frowned, eyes screwing tight to drown out the drumbeat steadily rising in his temples.

"I would very much like your help, Hells, your help is needed but you cannae be the answer to all problems. Yer reserves are bounded, and I'd rather see them tasked to the most effect for the least expense. You said you could darkwalk all of us but t'would be taxing, yes? I would rather that than you shroud merely two and grant us preternatural buoyancy at no small cost to yourself and, by the use of it, see us placed in a position where the shadows could not aid."

"So help me that I am a merchants son but I'll say it plain, 'tis a bad bargain to spend more and get less in the spending."

"Were it otherwise, were we sending but one to go in, steal back the girl the other slaves be damned and make off like a thief in the night than such an expenditure on so few is reasonable. But t'would be you an Adelard sent into the lions den, for what glamours you cast on us to get us in you would also need to cast upon her to get her out and that, none but you can do."

"So I'll say it again, your skills are needful here. The friction between us stands on how best to use them and where."

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by CirlotCirlot, 13 Aug 2020 04:27

Color rising and voice tight: "If you find my spells of so little utility, I see no reason to participate in this venture."

With that, Vahlharan Luhtran stalks out of the room.

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by RankinRankin, 12 Aug 2020 12:24

Scratching out the "guard" marked "C", Ro'an shook his head and frowned at the mage's aquatic suggestion.

"I think you overestimate your spells; Adelard chanced discovery by moonlight when he stood on the roof for want of shadows in which your magic could work, yes?" Ro'an gestured to the water.

"The moon will still stand vigil still, and if the sea be calm it will lack any shadows save between the lightest of waves. It be the same circumstance but in plain view rather than hid o'erhead."

"That - " the half-dwarf glanced down at his rather … stout frame and then over to P'bbl. " - and the two you'd need to send by sea are too heavy by half each. And I for one can barely swim, so even if I can float I would possess all the grace of an Ass dunked into a cistern with the splashing and braying about."

"There may be some luck in an approach beneath the pier but 'tis, what, six spells for two people? The Darkwalks and then the enhanced flotations on both P'bbl and myself. It's a higher cost to attempt with but little gain in stealth over the darkwalk itself. If we were to try this by stealth entire,it is another matter - I suspect Adelard floats quite well - but as the prelude to an assault - " another small shake of the head.

"The cart, however, is an idea. If we park it at the southernmost pier 'tis the shortest flight for S'le'Aash if she is on the ship as we think."

Re: Assault on the Warehouse by CirlotCirlot, 11 Aug 2020 21:38

Bor'n lets you all know the following
1. He can provide a cart with covering
2. Her name is S'le'Aash
3. About 5.5 feet, brown hair and eyes, late 30s.

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