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Page for uploading and sharing documents
OK.. The way to upload a document is pretty simple.

  1. Go to the bottom of the page and click on files and follow upload instructions. Unfortunately, there is not automatic way to get it to appear. So once uploaded…
  2. Click on files
  3. Right click on the file name to copy it
  4. Click on edit
  5. Type [[file filename]]
    1. NOTE: if the file has spaces in the name (like the guide file), when you copy and past the name it will replace the space with %20. You can simply delete the %20 and add back in the space to clean it up.
      1. When I copied the guide name it originally looked like Guide%20-%20Single%20File%20-%202007-1-1.doc.
      2. Also make sure that you delete everything that may have been copied except the name (total copy originally looked like this and I deleted everything up to "Guide")


Guide uploaded by Daniel Saroff
Character Sheet - Excel.xls XLS copy uploaded by Daniel Saroff
Combat and Key Rolls Cheat Sheet.pdf pdf cheat sheet for new players on key rolls
Blank Character sheet.doc uploaded by Paul Vlamis
Blank Character sheet(Mage).doc uploaded by Paul Vlamis
equipment lists.xls uploaded by Paul Vlamis
Weapon Proficiency Rules.pdf rules on weapon proficiency and effects of switching weapons
ayrkin.doc uploaded by Andrew Silvernail
Lum's Lament.doc uploaded by Paul Harrington
plummetfromgrace.wps uploaded by Paul Harrington
modified xebec corsair crescentlands.ppt uploaded by Daniel Saroff
modified xebec corsair crescentlands.jpg uploaded by Daniel Saroff
TwoYears.doc by Daniel Saroff
THE PAPER CHASE.docx uploaded by Paul Harrington
Crescent_Lands_B&W.jpg uploaded by Andrew Silvernail

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