Attack Speed

Slow Slow attacks for someone with two attacks comes off at the second attack.
Fast Goes of at initiative 15 minus any dexterity subtractions.

Unique Weapon Effects on Initiative

Bows Do not automatically get two shots per melee. Shots are calculated. First shot occurs at initiative (maximum 15). Each subsequent shot occurs at –5 initiative cumulative (e.g., 15, 10, 5). Therefore, a maximum of 3 shots.
Crossbows Never get more shots per melee than the strength table will allow except if it has a dwarven cocking device, in which case increase the rate of fire by one class. Maximum rate of speed listed cannot be exceeded by mechanical aids.
Two-Sword If two attacks rolled due to initiative, the primary weapon is used on the second attack, e.g., initiative 13 two attacks; initiative 3 one attack with the primary weapon. When the off-hand weapon is not used for an attack, it is used defensively reducing AC by one.

Spell Initiative

see new rules

Loss of Hit Point Effects on Evasion Points

H.P. Loss E.P. Loss
<25% 10% of full
<50% 25% of full
<75% 50% of full
>75% All

Blood Loss & First Aid

Blood loss occurs when a location is negative in HP.

One blood point is lost every 3 melee after the injury. A person can go negative on total hit points from blood loss without dying. For every point negative, roll 3d6 less than Resistance with the Resistance reduced by the blood point (s) negative and every time another blood point is lost. For example, a persons with a Resistance of 14 goes -1 on hitpoints due to blood loss, they would have to roll 3d6 less than or equal to 13 (Resistance 14 -1). If hit points are taken that would take total hit points negative, the person would die.

First Aid to halt blood loss may only be tried twice per location. Further, if the location is negative it requires sutures to stop blood loss.

If the First Aid attempts are unsuccessful, tourniquets can be applied to stop blood flow.

Chance of success 1st Aid x4
Benefit Blood loss slowed to 1 blood point per 30 minutes

Reattaching a Lost Limb

Unusable for 30 days - Health

Two-sword Fighting

Levels Experienced Dominant Hand Off Hand
1 -1 -4
2 -1 -3
3 0 -2
4+ 0 -1

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