CHAOS God of Misdirection and Dissemblance


During the Bellum Deorum, Er'Aren held a secret position for CHAOS in the Courts of LAW. Unlike any other god, he could cloak his nature and thus disguise his true intentions from the Gods of LAW. With this talent and a will to work havoc, Er'Aren successfully corrupted, entrapped or betrayed numerous Gods of LAW.

Throughout most of the war, he was considered a valued colleague of LAW. His unmasking came late in the Bellum Deorum by the NEUTRAL Goddess of knowledge, Emirikel, causing Er'Aren's expulsion from LAW and subsequent hunting of Er'Aren.

Er'Aren's heinous deeds during the war caused all worshippers of LAW to have an undying enmity towards this religion and its worshippers, exceeded only by such feelings towards Nihil. Arenites have a venomous hatred towards Emirikel and its adherents and will go to any extreme to cause harm, death, and destruction to this religion. Arenites initiates will never coexist peacefully with Emirikel worshippers.


Contrary to most other religions, Er'Aren encourages its members to be lay members, even initiates, of other cults, regardless of their status in the hierarchy of Er'Aren. This often gives the church secret inroads into knowledge and power that might otherwise be denied.

The Book of Lies, a treatise of church doctrine, states the most important doctrine of the church, "Truth is an artificial restraint on reality; a restraint foisted by LAW as part of their plan to achieve their ultimate goal stasis and pure restraint." Thus Arenites will dissemble even when not absolutely necessary, as a challenge to the reign of LAW.

The Arenite symbol is a laughing mask constructed of black and white squares defining the features. The pattern is such that the mask looks the same upside down as right side up. Worshippers will seldom wear their symbol openly, instead wearing the symbol of their cover church. Temple colors are black and white juxtaposed. Sacrifice or tithes must be gained by trickery. Cult weapons are the garrote, poison, dart thrower, stiletto, net, blow gun.

Priests are not restricted in the use of any item or weapon, except as restricted by their cover church.

Lay members are required to donate 20% of their earnings to the church. Lay members and initiates receive a saving throw versus magic to mislead information spells, which might otherwise indicate their true alignment.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in deception skills (Speak, Read, Camouflage, Climb Walls, Voice, Gambling) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success and 50% cost +2 likelihood in improving Charisma.

For initiate status, an applicant is interviewed by an inquisitional council, Astra Inquina, to determine acceptability. The petitioner is judged by the eloquent demonstration of his faith to the church and the presentation of a gift to the temple. The gift must be deceitfully obtained from a LAWful or NEUTRAL religion. Unsuccessful applicants may try again at the following years Astra Inquina, but they are considered suspect.

Upon attaining initiate status, a worshipper will receive oratory training (increasing Charisma by +2), save against illusions at +2, bargain increases 45%; and against all spells which might directly (Know Alignment) or indirectly (Protection LAW/CHAOS) indicate his alignment/personality get +6 on save. They save at +2 versus fear spells and are able to buy poison for half price. Initiates must tithe 50% of their earnings to the temple.

Thief and assassin initiates receive training in Hide in Shadows and Move Silently, raising the skills respectively 35% and 30%. Clerics and mages receive the Witch 3rd level summonings Influence and Disguise (as a 1st and 2nd level miracle or a 2/2 or 1/1 spell, respectively); non spell casters may be taught Disguise as a 1/1 spell or Fools Gold. Initiates are +2 to hit and damage and +10% to critical when attacking an opponent from behind. Damage or to hit spells cast on a cult weapon are +1 on the relevant score.

Er'Aren Holy Days:

June 11th K'thor Tonag (The Great Dissemblance Tlo'lluvin's Moon)
October 28th Chor'ah (CHAOS Day. CHAOS born. End of Old Calendar Year and spirit and demonic planes closest approach to material plane.)
February 9th and November 12th respectively T'kil and Mnou (Holiday of Purloining)
January 1st Gods' Day (New Year)
May 12th Silves'h (Astra Inquina)

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