Cost and availability may be effected by geographical location.


80QQ 40TB 4QB 2CB 1CP
200CP 20SP 1GP
2 Quinque to 1 Tebit 2QQ=1TB 10 Tebit (Tey) to 1 Quarbit (Bit) 10TB=1QB
2 Bits to 1 Copper Bit (Penny) 2QB=1CB 2 Pennies to 1 Copper (Copper) 2CB=1CP
10 Coppers to 1 Silver (Mark) 10CP=1SP 20 Marks to 1 Gold (Crown) 20SP=1GP
10 Crowns to 1 Platinum Piece 10GP=1PP
Starting Money Currency
Cleric Type 3d6sp
Druid/Witch 2d4sp
Fighter Type 5d4sp
Mage Type 2d4sp
Thief Type 2d6sp


Banded (AC7) 1.3gp Scale (AC 5) 9sp
Chain (AC 6) 18sp Shield, buckler (-1 AC) 1sp
Helmet, great (-1 HP) 4sp Shield, large (-2 AC) 2sp
Helmet, small (-1 HP) 3sp Shield, medium (-2 AC) 1.5sp
Leather (AC 2) 4cp Shield, small (-2 AC) 1sp
*Leather, studded (AC 3) 13cp Shield, medium, wooden (-2 AC) 2cp
Padded (AC 1) 2cp Shield, small, wooden (-2 AC) 1cp
Plate (AC 8) 4gp Splinted (AC 7) 1.1gp
Ring (AC 6) 2sp 2sp
*Will interfere with spells of difficulty 2 or higher


Atlatl (2d3/½ Str/+5%C) 1cb Hammer, Lucerne (1d6) 1sp
Arrow, normal, each 6tb Halberd (2d6 2R) 4sp
Arrow, normal, score 2cp Javelin (1d6/+5%C) 1qb
Arrow, silver, each 2cp Lance, heavy (6d6/+20%C) 6sp
Axe, battle (1d8) 3.5sp Lance, light (4d6/+20%C) 3sp
Axe, great (1d10) 9sp Lance, medium (5d6/+20%C) 4sp
Axe, throwing (1d6) 6cp Mace, footman (1d8) 16cp
*Bow, composite, short (1d6/+5%C) 15sp Mace, great (2d6) 6sp
*Bow, composite, long (1d10/+5%C) 1gp Mace, horseman (1d6+1) 1sp
*Bow, long (1d8/+5%C) 12sp Morningstar (1d8+5%C) 3sp
*Bow, short (1d4/+5%C) 2sp Partisan (1d6+1/2R) 2sp
Bow, string, short 1qb Pick, footman (1d8/+5%C) 12cp
Bow, string, long/hair 1cb/3cp Pick, horseman (1d6/+5%C) 8cp
Caltrops, dozen (1d8/+5%C) 2cp Pike, awl (1d8 2R/+5%C) 4cp
Cestus (1d3) 1cp Quarrel, score 2cp
Crossbow, heavy (arbalest)(4d6/+10%C) 6sp Scimitar (1d8) 7cp
Crossbow, medium (3d6/+10%C) 4sp Sling & bullets (12)(1d4+1) 1cp
Crossbow, light (2d6/+10%C) 2sp Sling bullets, score 3qb
Crossbow, string, heavy 3qb Sling stones, 2 score (1d4) 1qb
Crossbow, string, medium 1cb Spear (1d6+5%C) 2cp
Crossbow, string, light 1qb Spear, great (1d10/2R/+5%C) 1sp
Dagger & scabbard (1d4) 2cp +Sword, bastard & scabbard (1d8+2 2H) 6sp
Dagger, throwing (1d3/+5%C/-1H) 4cp Sword, cane (1d6/-1H AC>6) 2-5sp
Dart (1d3+5%C/-1H) 1qb Sword, great & scabbard (2d6) 10sp
Flail, footman (1d10+5%C/+1F) 2sp Sword, long & scabbard (1d8) 4sp
Flail, horseman (1d8+5%C/+1F) 1sp Sword, short & scabbard (1d6) 6cp
Fork, military (1d8+5%C/2R) 16cp Trident (1d8/+5%C) 7cp
Garrote (1d4) 1cp Voulge (2d4 2R) 7cp
Glaive (1d102R) 16cp Whip (1d6/+5% C) 1cp
Hammer (1d6) 2cp
HP—Hit Points of Damage AC—Armor Class
C—Critical % Modifier H—To-Hit Modifier
F—Fumble Modifier 2R— Fight from Second Rank, No Shield, -1AC,
-1 Hit in 1st Rank
*2-3x cost for bow tailored to strength; 1/2 Str Bonus +1 handed 1d8 damage
<3’6” height lose max damage (e.g., 1d8 dam. is 1-7)

Arms/Armor Extra Costs

*Bronze -1H, +1AC 2x cost Balanced Weapon +1H 2-3x cost
$Steel +1H, -1AC 2-5x cost Silenced Armor (½ Penalty) 2x cost
+Mithril +2H +1D +5%, -2 AC 40-100x cost Steel x-bow string (+1/+1) 2/3/4 sp x-bow type
Steel bolts (+1/+1) 4cp Steel bow x-bow (+2 damage) 5/7/9sp -x-bow type
Steel headed bolts (+1) 2cp Dwarven x-bow cocking attachment 5x cost
Steel headed arrows (+1H) 4cp Mithril headed bolts or arrows (+2H +1D +5%c) 2sp/4sp each

*Minimum cost: 4sp
$Minimum cost: 4sp
+Minimum cost: 5gp


Backpack, leather 1cb Net, large, fishing (15’x8’) 4cp
Bedroll 1cb Net, small fishing 1qb
Bedroll, excellent 3-5cp Oil, standard (8hr 3cb
Blanket, heavyweight 1qb Pole, 6' 1tb
Blanket, lightweight 5tb Quiver,12 arrows w/ cap 1qb
Canvas, yard 2tb Quiver, 20 arrows w/ cap 1cb
Coal (2lbs) 1cb Quiver, 20 bolts w/ cap 1cb
Fishing hooks (12) 5tb Rope, 50' 6tb
Fishing line, 10 yards 5tb Rope, silk, 10' 5cp
Lamp, hand warming 1cb Snow Shoes 2cp
Lantern, bull's eye 2sp Tanning Kit 4cp
Lantern, hand 1cp Tent 5cp
Lantern, hooded 5cp Tinder box w/ flint & steel 3qb
Mess kit 1cb Torch 4tb
Mosquito netting 5cp Trapping Kit 2cp
Needle & thread 4tb
Adventurers Kit: 50' rope, backpack, bedroll, 1 weeks rations,
tinderbox w/ flint & steel, 3 torches, 2 water skins, spade or crowbar, 1 pair pants & blouse,
cloak, belt & small pouch
4cp 1st Aid Kit: Cat gut, bandages, needle, tweezers, 100% EtOH (+15% First Aid) 1cp


Box, iron, large 5sp Jar, pottery 1/2 liter 3tb
Box, iron, small 17sp Jar, pottery 1 liter 5tb
Brazier, clay, small 1qb Jar, pottery 5 liter 1qb
Brazier, iron, large 1+sp Pouch, belt, ingredient 1qq
Brazier, iron, small 2cp Pouch, belt, large 1qb
Case, bone, map/scroll 5cp Pouch, belt, small 5tb
Case, leather, map/scroll 1.5cp Sack, large 4tb
Chest, wooden, large (5x3x3) 7qb Sack, small 1tb
Chest, wooden, small (2x1x1) 1cp Skin for water/wine 1qb
Jar, glass 1/4 liter 1qb Vial, pottery, 1 dose 1tb
Jar, glass 1/2 liter 1cb Vial, pottery, 5 dose 3tb
Jar, glass 1 liter 1cp Vial, tin, 1 dose 5tb
Jar, glass 5 liter 5cp Vial, tin, 5 dose 1qb

Tools & Misc.

Adz 1qb Ladder, rope 1cp
Armor Repair Kit 3cp Lime wood strips, 5 1cp
Auger 1qb Magnifying lens 8sp
Auger, bits (5) 1cp Mallet 4tb
Candle, tallow (1hr) 1tb Minute glass 1qb
Candle, wax (1hr) 3tb Nails (40) 1qb
Chisel, wood 5tb Pick 2cp
Chisel, stone 1qb Pliers/tongs 1qb
Chisel, cold, iron 1cp Ring, razor, copper 1cp
Crowbar 2cp Saw, wood 5tb
Drill, rock 1cp Sharkskin, 10cm X 4cm 1cp
Drill, bit 3qb Spikes, iron, large (4) 1cp
Glass cutter 1sp Spade 2cp
Hammer, carpentry 5tb Spade, wood 2tb
Hatchet 5tb Tar paper, ½ m2 1qb
Hourglass 1+cp Thieves' picks 6cp
Glue, wood, ¼ liter 5tb Thieves' picks and tools* 4sp
Grappling Hook 3cp Wax, impression 1cp
Ladder, wood 1qb Climbing Claws (+15% to climb) 2 cp

*15' silks rope, mirrors (dental style), collapsable iron grapple, lubricants, climbing claws and boots (+15%), black camflage, lock pick set, set trap kit

Herbs & Spices

Garlic, bud 1 qq Lerryn's leaf (1 h.p/damp) 1cp
Giant's Bones (white powder in water) 5 tb Red Powder (coag) 1cb
Gahrs moss (10-30% ev.pts.) 2 cp Salt, 50 gm 2cp
Ehestra's Gift (birth control, suppository) 4 tb Sugar, lump, 50 gm 1cp
Honey, .5 liter 1 cp Sugar, brown, 50 gm 1cb
Kor (stimulant) 1cp Wolvesbane, sprig 1cp
Herbalist Kit: (10x1pt poultice, 3 x cure poison (%=2x1st aid),
5x stim (10-30%, 5 coagulant) Minimum to use 33% 1st Aid
15% for druid/witch
10 sp

Musical Instruments

Bell 4tb-2sp Horn, iron, signal 5cp
Drum, large, signal 1sp Lute 5cp-10sp
Drum, small 1cp Recorder 1qb-3cp
Flute 3sp Shepherd's pipe 1qb-1cp
Harp 5sp-10gp Tambourine 1cb
Horn 1qb-2cp Violin/viola 1-3sp

Religious Items

Altar, portable, small 2cp Sickle, small, silver 10sp
Beads, prayer 5tb-2cp Sickle, small, gold 3gp
Incense, stick 1tb-2cp Symbol, holy, iron 4cp
Phylactery 2cp Symbol, holy, silver 10sp
Idol, portable 1cp-10sp Symbol, holy, wooden 5tb-3cp
Sacrificial dagger 4cp-6sp Water, holy, vial 2sp


Ale, pint 1qq Mead, pint 1tb
Beer, pint 1qq Rations, 1 week 2cp
Bitter, pint 1qq Stout 1tb
Brandy, pint 1qb Wine, dwarven, pint 2cp
Cider 1tb Wine, elven, pint 4cp-1sp
Food, merchant's, meal 8tb Wine, pint, good 1qb
Food, rich, meal 1cp Wine, pint, watered 5tb
Grain, horse meal, 1 day 4tb Wine, winter, liter 1cb
Meal, standard 4tb Whiskey, pint 1qb

Tack & Harness

Barding, chain 4gp Saddle 3 cp
Barding, leather 15sp Saddle, pony or mule 2 cp
Barding, plate 20gp Saddle bag, large 1 qb
Bit & Bridle 1qb Saddle bag, small 8 tb
Crop 1cb Saddle blanket 4tb
Harness 1qb


Barge/raft 4 sp Galley, Large 250 g
Boat, rowing 5 cp Galley, small 100 g
Boat, small 5 sp Ship, merchant, large 150gp
Boat, long 10 sp Ship, merchant, small 50gp
Cart 5 cp Ship, war 200+gp
Collapsible leather boat, seats four 1sp Wagon 1.5 sp


Belt 5tb Gloves, coarse 4tb
Boots, high, hard 2cp Girdle, broad 1qb
Boots, high, soft 1cp Girdle, regular 5tb
Boots, low, hard 1cp Hat 3tb
Boots, low, soft 1cb Jacket, down 5cp
Cap 2tb Money belt 1cb
Cloak 1cb Robe 10tb
Cloak, fur lined 1cp Pant/skirt 5tb
Fine clothes-Pants, cloak, shirt, hat, boots etc. 4sp Sandals 4tb
Gloves, fine 1cp Shirt/blouse 3tb
Gloves, fire proof 1cp Winter cloths/gloves 5cp
Gloves, fire proof 2cp

Clothing Ornamentation

Cloth, black +40% Cloth, undyed -20%
Cloth, bleached white +35% Cloth, yellow/gold +30%
Cloth, blue +100% Embroidered +50%
Cloth, brown +0% Embroidered, richly +100%
Cloth, green +25% Fur lined 2x cost
Cloth, purple/violet +150% Silk +200-1000%


Cat, hunting 2sp Horse, war, heavy 9gp
Cat, war 2gp Horse, war, light 3gp
Chicken 6tb Horse, war, medium 6gp
Cow 1sp Mule 8cp
Donkey 5cp Ox 1sp
Falcon, hunting 6sp Pig 2cp
Goat 2cp Pigeon 1cp
Hawk, hunting, large 15sp Piglet 1cp
Horse, cavalry 4sp Pony 5cp
Horse, draft 4sp Sheep 4cp
Horse, riding, light 12cp Songbird 4cp
Horse with Trappings: Light riding horse, saddle,
2 large saddle bags, bit, bridle, blanket

Writing Materials

Book cover 2cp Seal 1qb
Book, 100pp 1sp Sealing wax 1cb
Chalk, stick (3) 1tb Stylus, ink 1qb
Glue, bindery & pot 1qb Stylus, wax 1tb
Ink, block 4tb Wax, sealing 1cb
Ink well 1qb Writing tablet, slate 2tb
Paper, 10 sheets 1cb Writing tablet, wax 4tb
Quill pen 1tb

Inn Rooms

Single (1) 1cb Stables 2tb
Private (4) 36tb Common (10) 60tb

Magic Items

No magic item (other than potions) will cost less 5 gp. NO MATTER WHAT.

The cost formulas for of a permanently magicked, magic item are:

• Always on item—>4 x 5 x pts (spell points or Difficulty, whichever greater), e.g. a Heal 4 item with unlimited uses would be 80 gp (4x5x4 pts).

• ½ point activation requirement—>.65 x 3 x 5 x pts, e.g. using the same example would cost 37.5 gp. Difficulty 0 regardless of spell.

• Full point requirement—>5 x pts, e.g. using the same example would cost 20 gp. 1/2 level of difficulty (rounded down).

• No cost item that works 1-3 times per day—>2 x 5 x pts, e.g. using the same example would cost 40 gp.

• ½ point cost item that works 1-3 times per day—>.65 x 2 x 5 x pts, e.g. using the same example would cost 25 gp. Difficulty 0 regardless of spell.

• Spell storing crystals cost 3 x 5 x pts. Casting from this crystal takes Difficulty 0. Failure burns ½ the points the spell requires. Casting spell in is at its level of difficulty.

• Power storing crystals cost 2 x 5 x pts. Casting from this crystal takes Difficulty 0. Failure burns a ½ spell point. Putting points in is at 0 Difficulty.

• Ingredient matrix (a matrix enabling the casting of a spell without ingredient) is 5sp per point or level of Difficulty, whichever is greater. This sort of matrix is the least durable. No non-mage will be giving a tattoo by any Mages Guild, ever.

It costs 1.5 x cost to magic steel versus iron/wood/cloth and .8 cost for mithril.


Healing 10 sp Translucent, light blue
Fire/Cold Resistance 10 sp Milky red/milky grey
Cure Medium Wounds 12.5 sp Opaque blue
Rapid Movement 15 sp Grey particulate For 30 minutes (non-combat): run as fast a horse.
For 5 minutes ( combat):Run fast as horse+5 initiative (can go above 15).
Calculating attacks @ -5, instead of normal -10 (so if you roll a 6 it would be 11, and you would attack at 11,6,1)
Fire/Cold Breathing 15 sp Black with red/blue floaters
Heroism 15 sp blue with bubbles Lasts 1/2 hour. Raises HP by 5 (if you go negative after it expires, you die).
Increases EvPT by 20-40% (1d3X10%). Bless affect.
Cure Serious Wounds 15sp Translucent red
Water Breathing 15 sp Milky blue
No Air 1 gp Clear
Cure Poison 15 sp Black
Levitation 1 gp Yellow
Fly 1.5 gp Blue and white swirls
Invisibility (1 hour) 2 gp Clear
Regeneration 2 gp Opaque red
Ethereal 5 gp Translucent silver Last 1/2 hour. Increasing chance to attract ethereal attacks starting at 5 minutes
Raise Dead 25 gp Clear
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