NEUTRAL Goddess of Magic and Lore.


Emirikel is portrayed as a young, thoughtful woman seated on a massive throne of silver and sapphire surrounded by tomes of all worldly knowledge.

Her color is grey. Mages of this religion will always wear some article of this color, as will all initiates. Star sapphire or "Eye of Emirikel", as the devout call it, is Her holy stone.

During the Bellum Deorum, she hired as the captain of the intelligence corps for the LAW gods. She was responsible for the discovery of the traitor in the Courts of LAW, Er'Aren, who was responsible for the death of many gods of LAW and the failure of numerous endeavors. Emirikel worshippers feel great enmity towards worshippers of the CHAOS god Er'Aren, and they will attack them with no provocation. This hatred is mutual.

This religion is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge. Worshippers believe that the world is a puzzle created by the Gods to test mankind. It is thought that if all knowledge is gathered, the puzzle of the world will be cracked open and the mysteries at the center will be revealed, fulfilling man's purpose and letting mankind leave the world for a more elevated existence.


Not surprisingly, the Emirikel temples have the best archives in the Crescent Lands, the most effective knowledge spells, and an excellent system of information gathering.


Any person making the proper devotions is considered a lay member

Anyone who has added to the temple's store of knowledge will be initiated. Knowledge is anything: a new plant, mineral, animal, or lore. They will sell their services to non-worshippers who wish to have items evaluated, analyzed, tested or wish to find out some specific information, history, legend etc. While not noted for being inexpensive, the breadth of their resources and depth of knowledge make the information they sell quite accurate and valuable.

Both lay members and initiates can receive special training in knowledge skills (Spot Hidden, Lore, Read, Speak, Eval Treasure) at 50% of cost, +15% chance of success. Lay and initiate members receive, respectively, +1 or +4 on S.T. versus illusion or confusion spells.

Clerical initiates can obtain at second level (as miracles) the mage spells Locate Object, Legend Lore, Detect CHAOS and the witch spell Wind Watch, at third level the mage spells Tongues and the mage spell Stone Tell. Mages receive the spell Wind Watch (2/2) and Speak with Animals (1/1) at any time they wish for the training, Legend Lore and True See at half the requisite number of spell points. All other initiates will be trained in one of the above spells for free . Further, all initiates gain limited, free access to the two main Temple archives (in Aereolus and Numer). All Emirikel spell casters cast knowledge spells at half level or difficulty with 50% increase in effect.

Clerics may not use the spell Obscure and mages can not cast Erase or Fool's Gold. Mages or casts illusion spells. No initiate will associate with any worshipper of Er'Aren; in fact on discovering a worshipper of Er'Aren, they will attack the worshipper or report the worshipper to their temple.

They relate well to all other worshippers of CHAOS, LAW or NEUTRALity.

Emirikel worshippers are extraordinarily (some say annoyingly) curious.

Emirikel Holy Days

April 14th Roull (Tenets of the church first codified)
September 18th Qxrs (LAW discovered)
December 1st Ve'Oteh (CHAOS discovered)
Th'Ar 13th Th'Ar'ar'th (Date of great magical numerological significance)
January 1st Gods' Day

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