LAWful God of Status and Obedience to Man Made Laws.


Worshippers of this religion believe that the true nature of LAW is impossible to absolutely determine, since man is tainted by CHAOS. With this understanding, the religion believes that if one strictly obeys man made laws and strictures (which are imperfect representations of the greater LAW which is their basis), a person can winnow out CHAOS in herself by making the will embrace fully things which are a Shadow of LAW. By embracing the Shadow (man made laws), a worshipper will gradually be able to see the form of that which casts the Shadow, and gradually know LAW. Since the spirit of manmade laws is subjectively based on man's intent (which is corrupt with CHAOS) the worshippers believe in following the letter of the law (because it is less corrupted by the subjectivity of CHAOS). Emerites thus have no difficulty with distorting and perverting the spirit of man made laws (for their own gain), while maintaining strict adherence to the letter of the law. Not surprisingly, it is a wealthy cult and has a great following among lawyers.

There are no specific cult colors, but there is a tendency for the wearing of gold and silver. The cult symbol is a golden pyramid.

Cultists tend to be uncomfortable around other worshippers of LAW and especially Tehnites.


Emer worshippers are extremely protective of their reputations and will go to any lengths to protect them. It is extremely important to them that they be viewed as people who obey man made laws. They are expert at taking credit for triumphs and placing blame for failure.

Any one who tithes and has a suitable reputation can be a lay member. Lay membership gives access, at a minimal fee, to their law library in Aereolus city (thought to be the largest of its kind in the Crescent Lands).

Lay and initiate members receive training in Evaluate Treasure, Bargain, Spot Hidden, Read, Writing or Speaking other languages at 50% of cost and time, with +15% of success. Similarly for Charisma training, with a +1 success.

Initiate status is gained after a careful investigation of the person's reputation and finances (for reputation is just a reflection of abeyance to man made laws and wealth is the physical illustration). Initiates must have a minimum level of wealth ("donations" to the favorite "charities" of investigating board members can improve the report). Initiates have complete access to the archives of the cult, and, for a minimal fee, can draw upon the wisdom of Elder Initiates in the fields of law, economics, politics, assassination, blackmail, bribery etc.

Clerics get, as a 2nd level miracle, the cult mage spell, Detect Gold. Mages cast the spell Detect CHAOS at 50% spell point requirement and double duration.

Initiates will also receive extensive training, for a minimal fee, to improve reading/writing in two languages (+33%), Bargain (+33%), Identifying poison +20%, Spot Hidden +30%.

Emer Holy Days:

January 1st New Years Day

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