(Wyrme's bane)–Patron Goddess of Humanity.


Until recently, this deity was an aspect of the LAW God Clovis. With the schism between the Western and Eastern branches of Clovis over the increasingly dictatorial nature of the High Pontiff (Arbat Mach) of the Church, who resides in the country of Ar'Ethmet, the Eastern branch (at the instigation of the Archbishop of Aereolus) recognized the requests of co-religionists of the Aspect Eheral to form their own church.

Eheral was the leader of the humans during the guerilla war against the Wyrmes some 2500 years ago. Under her command, the human armies successful broke the military control of the Wyrmes over the Crescent Lands and effectively sent them on the long path to extinction.

After 75 years of covert and overt warfare, the climactic battle took place at the GreenGlow Plain (now the Wasted Lands) east of the Arlis River and the K'n Yan Swamp. At this pyrrhic battle, referred to by historians as The Battle of the Broken Bane, Eheral's forces defeated the Wyrmes. Eheral and half of her force were killed and the lands surrounding were laid waste by the human magicks and Wyrmish powers; the Wyrmish forces were destroyed. After burying their comrades and fallen leader, the survivors of Eheral's troops re-founded the city of Aereolus.

About 500 years after The Battle of the Broken Bane, Eheral was beatified and introduced into the worship of Clovis as an aspect or minor deity in his court.

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