God of LAW Through Forceful Intervention.


During the Bellum Deorum, Clovis marshaled the Gods of LAW in their struggle against those of CHAOS.

In their dealings with worshippers of CHAOS, adherents of this religion tend to be fairly bellicose. For creatures whose flesh is imbued with CHAOS (e.g., undead, metamorphs, etc.), they will attack on sight.

This religion proselytizes, thus priests and initiates are encouraged to travel widely carrying the word of Clovis to the ignorant. They are also encouraged to engage CHAOS when and where ever it threatens the established order of LAW. The Church has gained great wealth from its policy of encouraging adventuring. Lay members can travel with the more innocuous members of CHAOS (Tarim, etc.) with few problems. Initiates when traveling with worshippers of CHOAS work systematically to proselytize them, including challenging them to subdue duals to demonstrate the power of LAW over CHAOS.

Of all the various sects of Clovis, that worshipped in Ar'Ethmet and its capital city, Minh, (where it is the state religion) is most hard-line in its bellicose, vitriolic, and combative dealings with CHAOS. "Repent or die!" are the two possible alternatives offered by these Clovisites to worshippers of CHAOS. Currently there is a major schism between the Ar’Ethmet branch of Clovis, where the pontiff of all Clovis temples resides, and most other branches. Due to the liberality of the Aereolus branch, the pontiff recently excommunicated that temple and branded its adherents schismatics. Ar’Ethmet Clovis worshippers will attack Aereolus Clovis worshippers.

Most other branches have a greater tolerance for worshippers of CHAOS Gods, and, except for the more extreme CHAOS cults of Nihil and Er'Aren, will not attack them in nonaligned cities and may even travel with them. Clovisites have been known to have CHAOS worshippers as friends, even though these relationships tend to be strained.

Recently, a demi-god under Clovis, Eheral, became elevated to god status and has split off into its own religion. Most Clovis worshippers (other than those of Ar’Ethmet) look fondly on this new religion, as an older sibling looks on a younger one. Ar’Ethmet Clovis worshippers, however will attack them as heretics.

Cult colors are ruby red and gold. Initiates and clerics are always decked in these colors and wear the cult symbol—the Staff of Law intertwined with the Sword of Force. The symbol is worn as a challenge to CHAOS. Cult weapons are great mace, flail, mace, morning star and flail.


To become an initiate, any member of good standing (a worshipper who has tithed to the church and followed the tenets), must pass a judgment by a priest of the third circle or higher. A worshipper has three opportunities to become an initiate. Often upon the second failure, the cult will recommend a quest to temper his/her spirit. Lay members tithe 10-20% of their earnings; initiates 20-30%. Both initiates and lay members receive Strength, Dexterity and Charisma training at ½ price with +1 chance of success (in any town where they can take this training at a Clovis temple). Both groups can learn a new class of weapons in half the time. Combat skills (Grapple, Punch, Head Butt, First Aid, Ride, Swim) are taught at 50% cost +25% chance of success.

Initiates gain +1 on saving throws versus fear, charm or similar control spells, add 20% to moral when leading others into battle, and, when concentrating, can detect CHAOS and CHAOS creatures within thirty feet. Clerical initiates receive +2 on damage for Spiritual Hammer. Clerics also receive the second level cult spells: Bludgeon, BladeSharp, and Accuracy. All other initiates will be taught one of the cult spells, free. Initiates may stay at the temple dorms for free. Initiates are +1 to hit CHAOS or CHAOS-based creatures (darkling, metamorphs, etc.) Finally, initiates receive special training in riding, which increases the skill by 33%.

When casting a hit and/or damaging enhancing spell on a cult weapon (even if wielded by a non adherent) the damage and to hit is increased by +1. If cast on another initiate it is increased +2.

Use of poison is absolutely prohibited, as it is a creation of CHAOS and embodies it. Priests and initiates must use non edged weapons, because they are chastening weapons and wayward sheep are chastised not punished.

The cult looks after its initiates and will pay ransoms to save initiates.

Clovis Holy Days:

June 20th Eheral Aarta (birth of soldier-prophet Eheral, savior of mankind)
July 21st Clovit'ta (founding of the religion)
October 27th Clovis' Challenge (day penultimate to CHAOS Day. A holiday to challenge and defy CHAOS.)
January 1st New Year
February 21st Eng'gardarch (Clovis battles winter to an end.)

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