The climate varies across the area of the Crescent Lands but, in general, it can be termed cool temperate. This is a polite manner of stating that the winters are cold, windy, and a good time to vacation south. Spring tends to be a rainy and windy season. Fall and Summer, though, are truly pleasant seasons. As I became a more experienced adventurer, I soon learned never to travel at any other times of year.

As mentioned, there is variation. The Serranthro M'lethet Empire (on the west coast), by virtue of warm coastal currents, receives more rainfall in the spring and warmer winter weather. These ocean currents also have the unfortunate effect of creating humid summers. I never spent a colder winter than the summer I lived in Tekel.

Ma Cab, by virtue of its far Northerly position, has cold winters with heavy snowfalls of light powdery snow. Fall and Spring are delightfully crisp and, if you have to visit Ma Cab, these are the best times of years. Because of its close proximity to the K'n Yan Swamp, summers are moderately humid, but its ripe odor in summer is enough to stun a Borealan.

Both the countries of Aereolus and Ar'Ethmet have climates which fall in the median.

The GloomRim Mountains have ferocious, deadly winters. Few travelers who are foolish enough to attempt travel through this region in winter (off the major arteries) are seen again. Upwards of twenty feet of snow has been recorded deposited after one winter storm. Plus, the winter denizen are no more pleasant than their warm weather brethren. Except for your favorite mother in law, no one should attempt travel through here in winter.

Little is known about the climate of the K'n Yan swamp, except that it is a wet morass of rotting vegetable matter—Fall, Spring, and Summer. Allegedly, much of it is frozen over in Winter. Experts recommend visiting only during the winter when the terrain is, slightly, less treacherous. Travelers have claimed that weed wrapped ruins of Wyrmish cities can be found slowly sinking into the mire or the treacherous land.

Of areas east of the K'n Yan, little is know about the climate. Travelers have stated that these areas receive less rainfall.

The Bern Woods and areas West have a slightly cooler climate than the Crescent Lands, but are, in all other ways, similar.

Except for the two short summer months, far northern Boreala is covered in deep, heavy snows. Large slabs of impenetrable ice cloak much of the terrain. Winters are blisteringly cold, with storms often lasting the whole season. Further north, there are reports of storms of such fury that animals caught unprotected in their path have been found with flesh stripped from bone. Beyond Boreala's great Northern Sea and to the Death Pole (Antipole) little is known of the climate.

The SouthLands, by virtue of their close proximity to the sustaining heat of the Life Pole, are hot. The natives wear little clothing and their skins have been charred black by the sun. During winter and fall, great rain storms are reported to batter this area.

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