Goddess of LAW Through Doctrine.


This Goddess is also referred to as the "Keeper of Records", for the Sh'Irin Ach'Ar (Book of Agreement) is in Cirin's charge. This tome contains all the written the treaties and bindings from the Bellum Deorum (Gods’ War). The most significant agreement contained is the Gods' agreement to abide by the Bands of Time.

To worshippers of Cirin, only writing has value and should be minded. Unwritten laws, customs or agreements are meaningless; only that which is recorded has value and the power to enforce.

It is not surprising that the religion is fervently bureaucratic and rigid.

The Church of Cirin strives to collect all that is written, engraved, scribed etc. into its archives, regardless of its worth or merit. The religion has three huge warehouses filled with writings of all ages in Aereolus, Ford, and K'Tay. For a small fee, visitors are allowed access to these great repositories, but since all of the collection is valued equally, and the indices are strictly an accounting of storage with no description or interpretation of objects, treasures of knowledge may be buried in these warehouses, never to be found. (In fact, the Emirikel temple has over twenty initiates cataloging and analyzing each of the warehouses with the permission of the Cirinites.)

The purpose of this packrat approach to the collecting of written material comes from the belief that in text, regardless whether it is doggerel, philosophy, history, etc. there is a kernel of truth. If enough writing is gathered in one place, then from these small kernels of truth a Great Truth will be found, and if enough Great Truths are brought together, LAW will be manifest. With truth comes understanding and, if there is great enough understanding, CHAOS will be vanquished (just as a bright light will disperse darkness). When CHAOS is vanquished, all that remains behind in the encompassing light of knowledge is LAW.


Worshippers collect and transfer to the temple all writings they can find. To become an initiate, a worshipper must give a great volume of written material to the church; the quality of the material is irrelevant. While a worshipper's own writings do not contribute to the chance to become an initiate, each worshipper must keep a diary.

Both initiates and lay members can receive intensive training to either improve two existing read language skills by 50% or provide two new at 50% base (training takes 1 month). Additionally, all worshippers can buy at half price (1 s.p.) a traveling writing kit produced by the temple. This kit is the smallest and most compact of its kind (weighing less than one pound), but includes 30 sheets of fine paper, pencils, permanent ink, fountain pen, portable writing desk that may be strapped to the waist, etc. An initiate will be trained to read and write 100% in any language of choice. A cleric will receive as a 1st level miracle the spell Copy, while all other worshippers will be taught this 1/0 spell for free. All initiates will be trained in recognize language (a skill at 50%). All initiates (if they have spell points or are clerical-types) will receive the spell Sky Writing. Sky Writing lets the caster write notes, viewable from up to 10 feet away, 200’ distant from the caster (clerical 2nd level or mage 1/2 spell). Up to 100 words can be included in the note. The caster can choose for it to be visible to only a single individual or any one. Initiates also get +33% to Spot Hidden.

Because worshippers of Cirin so value written materials, people will pay worshippers of the Temple to store valuable legal, contractual, and trading documents for safe keeping. The Emer temple keeps copies of many documents in the warehouse of Cirin as a safeguard against eventualities harming the originals. Numerous other temple have a similar arrangement.

Cirin Holy Days:

September 4th Mithr Ampta (creation of writing)
October 27th LAW's Challenge (day penultimate to CHAOS Day.)
December 31
Th'Ar 28
Scribing of Sh'Irin Ach'Ar (End of Bellum Deorum)
January 1st New Year

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