God of NEUTRALITY through Interference.


Sages suggest that Boriam came into existence towards the end of or after the Bellum Deorum (Gods' War); that he coalesced out of loose, disrupted integuments of power drifting from the corpses of destroyed gods, because of the manner birth, Boriam contains many aspects of LAW and CHAOS.

Worshippers try to insure that the balance between LAW and CHAOS is stable for, if either LAW or CHAOS were master, the world would be plunged into complete stasis or disorder respectively.

Boriam worshippers often (as is human wont) look at this balance in a small, personal, petty scale and thus sometimes create an even greater imbalance, because they have little understanding of the complexities with which they tamper. If a town is too LAWful, they will thieve, murder, and disrupt to maintain the balance. Similarly, for a CHAOTIC town they will attempt to introduce elements of LAW. Not surprisingly, Boriam worshippers tend to be rather unpopular and distrusted.

There is no specific cult color. Boriam's symbol is a stylized scale made out of precious metals and gems. There is no cult gem stone.

The God will never reward any follower.


Worshippers are permitted to use any spells, poisons, or acids. They are sanctioned to slander, libel, misinform, deceive, and trick, and, unlike most other religions, gifts of money to the cult are accepted but not encouraged.

Lay and initiate members get training in any neutral (Lore, Bargain, Camouflage, Gambling, History, Spot Hidden, Voice) skill at 50% cost + 15% success.

Initiate status is gained by righting a regress in the cosmic balance. Against spells of a CHAOTIC base (illusions) or LAWful base (Spiritual Hammer), initiates get +2 on saving throw and -2 on damage, respectively.

Boriam Holy Days

October 22nd Concatenation (Birth/creation of Boriam)
October 23rd Ascension (Boriam ascends)
January 1st Gods' Day (New Year's Day)
April 20th Todal (Celebration of Old Calendar New Year)

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