Two hundred and fifty miles South West of Aereolus, on the 20 mile square Sh'ra Peninsula, is Benges (the second most populous city in the Country of Aereolus). Benges is officially a Free Contracted City State, and has been such for 133 years (for further information, and a guaranteed soporific read: "Sh'litza's Treatise for Initiate Status to Emirikel on the Contractual Agreement Between Benges and Aereolus.")

For all intent and purpose, though, Benges can be considered as just another city of Aereolus. The only major and notable difference is the red liveried guards of the city who are under the auspices of F'lithra (the granddaughter of the late Duke Shir, killed during Lethin's Revolt in the Plague).

Benges is a walled city resting on the Black'd Harbor. Its population, until recent years, had been quite capably contained within its fortified walls, and since the depletion of its population resulting from the Plague and Lethin's Revolt, all the inhabitants once again reside within these constraints. Its population is currently estimated as 20 25,000 souls, down from 40,000 before the Plague and Revolt.

Benges' location allows it fair access to the Western trade routes (both land and sea), the great fishing shoals three miles from its shore, and nearby salt mines. These factors give Benges its slightly unique trading characteristic. It has three major industries. Its primary is ship building, of a quality equaling the great dry docks of Aereolus. Secondarily, it trades fresh and salted fish all over the Crescent Lands, and rare is the ship which does not carry in its hold provisions marked with the seal of Benges. Thirdly, Benges is the largest producer, exporter (and some say user) of their fine fish belly condoms.

Benges is also noted for it garment districts and Dyers' Guild, which produce some of the best fineries in the Crescent Lands. Further, great tracts of fine potters' clay are excavated from the banks of nearby coastal rivers contributing to Benges' booming export trade of fine pottery.

There is a small, well guarded and manned port for the Aereolus marines located in a small bay off the Black'd Harbor.

Until recent upheavals in the area (Plague and revolt), Benges was a fair city. With wide cobbled boulevards, a logical pattern of streets (allowed by the Great Fire of 5706), pleasant squares with public fountains, and a not too out manned city guard; it shone as the jewel of Aereolus country. The citizens have been working with great diligence to restore its recently tarnished splendor.

Because of Benges' close proximity to the Aereolus–Ar'Ethmet border, it has suffered from the varied border skirmishes between the two countries over the centuries and the citizens of this Free City harbor distrust and dislike for the citizens, temples, and culture of Ar'Ethmet. Not surprisingly, visitors from Ar'Ethmet are likely to discover a hostile and unpleasant populace.

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