An Assassin's job is simply to kill whatever they were hired to kill, often with ruthless efficiency and/or minimal collateral. In the best situations, Assassins are anti-heroes fullfulling an honorable and necessary role, as they provide swift justice to those who believe they are above the laws of nature and society. In the worst situations, Assassins are soulless killers belonging to a cult or organization of some sort which is predominately evil in nature; their loyalty ultimately lies to whoever is paying them better.

Thief Skills

Assassins starts the game with the following five thief skills: Disguise, Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, Open Locks and Climb Walls. For every skill additional, 10% points of another skill must be debited to give the additional skill a base five percent.

Climb Wall 40 Move Silently 15
Contort 15 Open Lock 10
Disguise 15 Pick Pocket 20
Find Trap 15 Remove Trap 10
Hear Noise 20 Set Trap 15
Hide in Shadow 15 Slight of Hand 30
Memorize 30 Ventriloquism 10

At First level, an assassin adds 25% points to any skill.


Pick Pocket, Move Silently, Open Locks, Climb Walls (for rock add 20% to base), Slight of Hand, Hide in Shadows, Remove Traps, and Set Trap.

Dex. Score Modifier Dex. Score Modifier
3 -14 13-14 +3
4-5 -10 15 +7
6 -7 16-17 +10
7-8 -3 18 +14
9-12 0 19+ see Expanded Dexterity Table


Find Trap, Memorize, Hear Noise, Disguise, Ventriloquism, and Contort

Note: Some Thief skills may also be modified by Trait


The assassin may attempt to murder an unsuspecting opponent. The percent chance is dependent on both the assassin's and the victim's level. The table is located in the DMG. A failed assassination causes normal evasion damage.

Set Trap

As implied, this skill enables a character to build and set traps and reset someone else's trap. For every half hour spent on the trap after initial set up time, add five percent to chance of success


A person trained in this skill can successfully remember conversations verbatim, documents eidetically, paths through mazes perfectly etc.

Every time a character goes over the same route, document etc., his chance of success increases fifty percent.


This ability allows a thief to dislocate joints with no major damage, slip out of handcuffs, fit into tiny spaces, etc.

Climb Walls

for rock add 20% to base


Disguise Kit 2s.p.

At Second level, an assassin adds 50% points to thieves' skills
1d6 additional evasion points
+1 Agility

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