Aereolus City

Aereolus City (refounded by the troops of Eheral after the Battle of the Broken Bane in 2218 PBD) is a located at the efflux of the Arlis River, the longest navigable river in the Crescent Lands. This great walled city, until the recent plague (let Thon protect us), had a population approaching 100,000 souls. Present estimates state the city's population at 40,000 60,000. All the goods of the world flow into this metropolis.

It has the largest and most modern ship building facilities in the civilized world. Monoremes, biremes, triremes, even the floating castles, catremes, are built here. A good monoreme corsair takes only a week to construct, from laying the keel to blessing. The harbor of Aereolus is guarded from storm by the largest system of breakwaters in the Crescent Lands and from invasion by T'ryl's Gauntlet, a powerful fortification planted on an artificial island in the mouth of Barr's Harbor. A maze of lead and bronze spikes has been seated in the bottom of the harbor as a further precaution against ocean going raiders. Members of the Harbor Guild guide all vessels through this deadly garden.

The city proper is surrounded by an old line of fortifications raised after the rebuilding of Aereolus by Eheral's troops in 2218 PBD. The major gates to the city are open and guarded around the clock.

It is governed by an elected council comprising seven citizens who run for election every ten years. Any person owning over an acre of land or a business with an income of three crowns a year may vote or run for the Seven Council. The number of an individual's votes is dependant on the amount of property owned and income received (as is fitting). The Council is responsible for all civil affairs: laws, trade, maintaining public utilities, city guard and fire department, and collecting taxes, tariffs and fees etc. Some squads of Royal Aereolus Soldiers are also placed under the Councils auspices, for internal use only.

The city guard is constituted of constables and guards. Constables are usually unarmored or lightly armored and use nightsticks or saps to control situations. Guards wear heavy armor (often chain and shield), carry crossbows and use swords. It is illegal, without a permit, for a person not of the guards to wear or carry offensive weapons or armor in the city. This includes: all missile weapons, all armor heavier than leather, all swords greater than short swords, and the use of magic.

While the great city of Aereolus is no longer wholly contained within its fortified circuit of walls, the center of mercantile trade, worship, and the dwellings of the common folk lie within these protective walls. Those of greater means tend to have business residences within the city walls and greater or lesser estates within a half days ride of Aereolus. Since the Plague, a number of merchant barons have purchased large tracks of abandoned property within Aereolus, torn down tenements and built private, guarded estates around their dwellings.


Aereolus is divided into a number of quarters (an unfortunate term since there are more than four such "quarters". Near the northern Main Gate and covering 3 blocks on either side of Eheral's Way (running South till the Great Square) is the Pops. The Pops is an area of modest shops, stores, inns. This a good area to purchase most non perishable common tools of life: cloths, leathers, light weapons, armors, minor art and statuary, cosmetics, maps, farm implements, pots, tools etc. Also, there are a number of pleasant inns and taverns for those of modest means.

South of the Pops is the Great Square or (as it is colloquially referred to) the Dancing Grounds, since all executions (by ligature, of course) are held here once a month. The Dancing Grounds is a large paved square approximately 50 yards across in which a large fountain is centered. Lining the Square are the finer inns and taverns, merchant houses, money lenders, clothing stores, etc. Also, many small farmers, business folk, and merchants pitch stalls and sell varied and sundry goods here every day of the week. Each GodsDay, the Grand Market is held and the square is closed to any but foot traffic. Many unusual items are seen bought, bartered, and traded on this days.

East of the Square is the Knot. The Knot is a five square block area of government buildings. A place of slight interest. East of the Knot, to the wall, is the Royal Sector. South of the Knot and the Royal Sector are the Fields where a permanent contingent of Aereolus Guards and Cavalry reside.

The Goldpan is West of the Square and here are the fine homes, ornamental gardens, and private parks of the bless't elite of Aereolus. Carefully maintained gas lamps line the streets receiving their fuel from the sewers. At night, this area has a full complement of both City and private guard. Being stopped by guards (particularly private) late at night in this area is not conducive to a good health.

South of the Goldpan is the Bothers, where the City constabulary is housed and the Prison Donjon.

The Sulphur is south of the Square and east of the Bothers. Here most of the major smithing takes places. The large merchant foundries and weapons' forges, small, private smithies, armorers, fletchers etc. can be found here. In fact anything of metal or iron can be found made or sold here. Outside of Monarch of the Mines, some of the best smithies in the civilized world are found here.

Eheral's Way leaves the Square heading south to the docks. East of the Way (and south of the Knot) is the Steepled. Here the Mages and Apothecary Guilds reside.

Below the Sulfur and the Steepled is the 'Combs. The 'Combs is the twisted labyrinth of streets where most residents of Aereolus are born, live, and die. The eastern portion of the 'Combs is referred to as the Gutter. It is the residence of the poorest inhabitants of this jeweled city. Much of the strange architecture of this area results from the scavenging of the few remaining elder ruins in the City.

GodsTongue is the ten block area between the Docks and the 'Combs. The Gods' Way is the central street of this quarter and the larger and more powerful (and bless't in Thon's case) temples are situated here. There are upwards of one hundred temples in this small quarter.

Finally, the Docks are where the ship building facilities, warehouses, docks and seamen's inns and taverns are placed. It is a bustling, crowded area. The government of Aereolus has private facilities here.

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